Grit Bins and Gritting

Information provided by Balfour Beatty on behalf of Herefordshire Council:

We have received a number of enquiries based on grit bins, more specifically the refilling of them, and so I write to provide some information on such.

We refilled all grit bins across the county at the beginning of the winter season and placed stickers on those that we had refilled. The approach taken to refilling is to follow the asset list that was provided at the time of contractual change, when Balfour Beatty Living Places was awarded the contract by Herefordshire Council. We recognise that it has been some time since this list was last reviewed and there are a number of grit bins not included on the current asset list that are believed to be assets of Herefordshire Council, we are also aware that there are a number of grit bins shown on the asset list that have either been relocated or removed without council consent.

As such we have planned to remap all grit bins across the county, assessing both grit bins and grit bin locations. There will be a number of grit bins adopted under this approach and similarly there will be a number of grit bins that will remain private and therefore not adopted.

The remapping of the grit bins is due to commence this month with all grit bins beings remapped by the end of this year (it’s hoped most will be assessed before March). Please note that grit bins identified as requiring replacing will be replaced in due course. If the parish would like to report any issues with grit bins, these can be reported directly through

Please note that grit bins and the salt provided are for highways use only, either on footways or carriageways. Roads that are allocated as priority or secondary gritting routes will be treated by Herefordshire Council, these routes can be found here,

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