*NEWS The Parish Council’s application for a public works loan for Phase 1 of the Village Hall refurbishment works has been approved. The Parish Council and Village Hall Steering Group are working together on this project and further updates will be posted on this page. 

Message from the Trustees of Brampton Abbotts Village Hall

Do you want a successful Village Hall?  Would you like to help progress its development?

The Trustees have done a huge amount of work to progress the refurbishment of the Village Hall and now urgently need more volunteers to help with specific tasks:


Could you take the Minutes at the monthly Trustees’ meeting?  Would you be able to deal with some administration?

We need one or two people who would like to help the Hall develop and progress as we move towards getting the work started.

Tech Person

Are you familiar with managing a website or running a Facebook page or just have an interest in social media?

The Village Hall website is well on the way to being launched. We need someone to help keep ours up-to-date when we get it up and running.

Booking Secretary

When the Hall opens, bookings will be mainly through the website and Facebook pages.  We have one volunteer but it would be good to have an assistant as back-up.

If you think you could help, please email Leila on lawdsign@gmail.com and she will tell you more about the roles.

UPDATE Village Hall Volunteers

Village Hall Accounts 2019/20

Independant Examiner’s Report 2019/20

AGM Cancellation 2020

Brampton Abbotts Village Hall Progress Report – March 2020

Brampton Abbotts Village Hall Progress Report – Dec 2019

Brampton Abbotts Village Hall – Question & Answers v3
Brampton Abbotts Village Hall – donation schedule
Brampton Abbotts Village Hall – event schedule 2




Village Hall Business Plan – updated 17th February 2020

Village Hall Appendix to Business Plan

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UPDATE: 1 June 2019

The Village Hall has a largely new committee following the AGM on 30th April.

Chair           Robert Lewis
Treasurer  Alyx Miller-Hall
Secretary   Leila Dawson

Lina King
Niki Lillette
Ali O’Brien
Keith Thomas
OHNS Rep Alice Marshall

Helping the committee, but not part of it, is the Refurbishment Sub-Group of parishioners with professional experience of building projects: Brian Miller-Hall, John Berry, Graham Marsh and Diana Tabernacle

The Committee is working closely with the Parish Council to produce a Business Plan which is necessary to enable the PC to access funding for the repairs.
The Refurbishment sub group has produced a Scope of Works, based closely on responses to the Parish questionnaire. This is in two parts –the first covers the essential repairs to get the Hall open again and the second contains a wish list of improvements to the facilities.
It is hoped to get a loan for the essentials and grants to cover the rest. Parishioners will be consulted before any applications for loans and grants are made.

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Village Hall working group Progress Report at 5th February 2019

Minutes of Open Meeting 15 January 2019

Annual General Meeting

Took place on Tuesday 11th December 2018 at Bridstow Village Hallat 07:30pm

JUNE 2018 Update from the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee. 

As you know the snow earlier this year caused problems in the roof, ceiling and electrics.  We have involved the insurance company, builders, architect and engineer.  The reason for the involvement of these disciplines is that the roof structure is more complicated than originally thought.  So the repair is also more complicated.   Also as works need to be done consideration is being given to the acoustics in the building at the same time.

So its more complicated than originally thought.  A plan is however being actively work on with all involved.

You will be updated.
Chairman Village Hall Committee