Parish History

Brampton Abbotts

The name Brampton means ‘Broom settlement’ – the ‘Abbotts’ is a reference to the abbot of St Peter’s Abbey, Gloucester which held it at Domesday and to the Reformation.

At Domesday there were two hides one of which paid tax and one which did not. In the free hide there were three ploughs in lordship. There were also five villeins and five bordars with five ploughs together with sixteen slaves.

In the other hide there was one villein and one bordar with one plough and a mill valued at eight shillings.

Another part of Brampton was held by the monastery of St Guthlac in Hereford. The marginal entry in the Herefordshire Domesday is Gadelesford suggesting that this property was at Gatsford, 1600 metres east of Brampton Abbots church. The name Gatsford is perhaps ‘Gæddel’s ford’. The property was waste although it did pay tax. There was said to be land for two ploughs.

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The parish of Foy occupies almost 1000 hectares and is bissected by the River Wye forming East/English/Hole-in-the-Wall Foy and West/Welsh/Brickend Foy.

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