BBC H&W New evening show promoting Communities

Hello, I am contacting you from BBC Hereford and Worcester and it’s just really to give you  heads up about a couple of things!

We are launching a new Evening show between 7 and 10 at night, basically bringing local radio and a local voice back across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.  Our show will consist of local community content – with a Presenter in the studio and a Reporter out and about.

What we are looking to do is run stories from the community and keep it local so some broad ideas are  we are open to many more! This is not a replacement show so you will still have your sports, afternoons etc  which you will appear on this is in addition – so for example if you are interviews in Breakfast or Mid Morning about an event… they will then say Nina will be there later on this evening….

  • *Live from the Worcester Music Festival
  • *Live from the training ground with the Kidderminster Harriers ladies – to talk about training and get to know the team
  • *Live from sports events
  • *Live from rehearsals from a community panto
  • *Live with a team of Bell Ringers
  • *Live from a local pub darts competition
  • *Live from a Cookery class
  • *Live from an opening night at a Theatre
  • *Live from Local Events
  • *Live with big names playing in the area
  • *Live with behind the scenes at a Theatre speaking to the audience etc

We really want to reflect what is going on in your community and what matters, so the other side of it we would like to get involved with projects such as :

  • *Volunteers to clear up a public space so the whole community can use it
  • * DIY SOS on a community hall in the village or town
  • * Helping with community groups to combat loneliness, helping raise awareness of foodbanks
  • *Helping set up a Youth Group

It’s not a  full list but hopefully that will give you a picture.  Obviously I am more than happy to go into more detail and come and have a chat – the show will go live on the 10th September, so I would love to hear from you and see if we can work together and help support some community projects, also to cover some community projects and all sorts of events on air.


Nina Das Gupta

07963 786 360

Twitter @ninadg

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