Minutes 25th July 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Council
On Tuesday 25th July 2017
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Chairman Cllr R Lewis, Cllr D Teague, Cllr V Coker, Cllr I Pebody, Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr J Sherahilo, Cllr P Plumley
In attendance: Ward Cllr B Durkin; Footpaths officer (Foy) Brenda Pomfret; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm; 19 Parishioners.
1) Apologies for absence: Cllr O Marshall. It was noted that Cllr T Orton has resigned from the Parish Council.
2) Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: Cllr Lewis declared non pecuniary interest in Items 6.a.ii & iii.
3) Minutes of meetings Meeting of the Annual Group Parish Council 22nd May 2017 –– It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
4) Open Session.

a) Ward Cllr Barry Durkin presented his June newsletter report, and brought attention to the Budget 18/19 consultation in progress together with severe cuts to local authority budgets.
b) Views of Local Residents – none. (Planning comments taken with application discussion.)

5) Neighbourhood Development Plan. (Item taken later in proceedings)
6) Planning

a) Consideration of applications received:
172040 Land at the Beeches, Brampton Abbotts. Residential development of 4 dwellings.
[Cllr Watts abstained from comment and voting on this matter having submitted an opinion to Planning authority in advance of the meeting] Following representations from the public, Cllr Teague presented a statement which indicated that public records show an irregularity with regard to the applicant name for this and earlier applications on the site, and that a resident of the Parish and member of the NDP Steering Group holding an undeclared interest in the land for this application. It was RESOLVED to ask for clarification on this from the Parishioner.
Discussion of the application followed and it was RESOLVED unanimously to object to the development with comments as:
It is noted that this application adjoins approved application for 2 dwellings (application no 171321) and the access to both developments is shared. The plans submitted under this application are incompatible with the earlier submission and therefore inaccurate.
Access to this development is via a narrow lane and though the applicant has proposed installation of 2 passing places these do not assist access or turning. Visibility is extremely limited. Access from/to Church Road is difficult, tight, with very poor visibility.
The development in question includes garaging for 8 resident cars representing a large increase in vehicle movements in the lane which must be considered together with further vehicles in the adjoining development of 2 dwellings which have been approved (171321).
The development proposes large dwellings of 1 x 5 and 3 x 4 bedroom houses which is out of keeping with the mixed accommodation in the area and the Access Statement only links this development with the style of an adjacent house, ignoring the mixed styles opposite and locally.
The development set on an elevated area of land is overbearing and overshadowing existing properties, and particularly when taken with 2 further dwellings of a similar type in application 171321.
The elevated position is further concern set as it is in an AONB, which has not been considered in the application statement.
The Ecological report relies on out-of-date material and a single visit which could not be relied upon to assure that the current habitat is understood.

172246 Land at the Byers Townsend Farm, Brampton Abbotts. 3 proposed detached dwellings.
Following representations from the public and discussion of the Council it was RESOLVED unanimously to object to this application with comments as follows:
The application lacks sufficient design quality and is out of keeping with and harmful to the character and appearance of the AONB in which the land sits and no visual impact survey has been submitted.
Situated adjacent to a Grade II 18th Century house and garden no account has been taken of this or design effort to conserve and enhance the historic environment. Indeed the development has been compared with another application near the Village Hall set in a different context with different design considerations.
No traffic survey has been submitted and access to the site is via a narrow single track village road with several right angle bends. The application includes parking for 8 cars representing a substantial increase in traffic, on a road which is also used by heavy farm machinery. We note that a traffic speed survey and assessment of impact of vehicle movements resulting from development was listed as needed when an earlier application in the exact same site was refused, we believe it is also essential for this application.
The proposed entrance ways for the dwellings are on a dangerous corner and at the side large farm buildings which greatly limit visibility from the proposed site and the farm yard.
This does not satisfy as Sustainable Development being three large houses of 4 bedrooms each of a type which is unlikely to be affordable to residents without extensive road travel to larger city centres. This is unnecessary use of green land in an AONB and does not provide for the right house in the right place.
The Planning justification (section 4) lists proximity to Local Shop, Primary School, Public House, & Church as available to Brampton Abbotts which is incorrect. None of these facilities are available. Additionally the public transport connection is available only once a week and only outbound.
The planning justification (page 13) states that residents would not be reliant on motorised transport which is incorrect since as stated above there is minimal public transport and other services are over 2.km away. This does not support the NPPF & Core Strategy policy S27 for low carbon and reduction in greenhouse emissions.

172305 Nursery School, Oak House, Brampton Abbotts. Siting of polytunnel and storage container.
Following representations from the public and discussion of the Council it was RESOLVED unanimously to object to this application with comments as follows:
Access: no information has been provided on access to the site either by foot or vehicle which is essential to understand the full application in a location with already restricted traffic movement due to quantity of vehicles, size of road and customer parking at the Oak House Nursery school.
Scale: tall, industrial size and type of constructions proposed are inappropriate and not in keeping with the site as an agricultural area and in an elevated position within an AONB.
Usage: no explanation of intended purpose has been provided. Storage needs are already met elsewhere in the Parish and any commercial use is incompatible with location or need in this site.
Obtrusive: the site has a PROW across it and is therefore highly visible and obtrusive to public view.

b) Consideration of applications decided since last meeting:
171321 Land adjacent to Brampton Abbotts Village Hall. Residential development of 2 new dwellings – Approved. This was noted.
171325 Clouds Harrow, Brampton Abbotts Single storey extension Approved. This was noted.
c) Discussion of Light Pollution concerns deferred to next meeting.
Item 5 taken next

Neighbourhood Development Plan
Cllr Teague as Chairman of the Steering Group reported good progress and following one further meeting to review the latest draft from Kirkwells anticipated community consultation in Autumn.
Discussion followed on the declaration of interest issue (item 6 above) and it was agreed to seek expert advice.

7) Road defects/ Highways issues

a) Road defects / highways issues reported to Herefordshire Council: northern section of Netherton Lane had been reported for poor repair; hedge on entrance to village obscuring school sign.
b) Gatsford Crossroads update: Speed issues had been reported to BBL and West Mercia Police Safer Roads Team, who have responded that national speed limit is appropriate to this road and any change of limit would require a TRO estimated to cost £4,000 – £8,000 over several years and no guarantee of success. Poor visibility was addressed with verge cutting and Parishioners encouraged to report any such issues online at Herefordshire website. Winter flooding and silt: to be monitored with Lengthsman clearing gullies in lane. Ward Cllr Durkin reported that he had attended an inspection of the area with Locality Steward.
c) Deloitte bike tour: Cllr Gething Lewis circulated a letter to CEO and Snr Partner Deloitte to request improved H&S measures for ride along riverside at Hole-in-the-Wall. It was RESOLVED unanimously to send the letter.
d) Cllr Pebody reported that the Railings at cattle grid by Hole-in-the Wall had been repainted by residents and now look smart and well cared for, though they are in poor condition under the paint.

8) Lengthsman

a) Schedule of work undertaken in June and proposed work for September/October was noted

9) Footpaths

a) Footpath strimming work was noted
b) It was noted that formal confirmation of change of route in BA25 had been received
c) Letter to landowners was deferred to next meeting.
d) Footbridge at FY8 – it was noted that volunteer work had ceased and that PROW officer had been asked to inspect to enable formal re-opening of footpath.

10) Finance

a) Summary of receipts/expenditure and bank balance to date was noted
b) Receipts noted as follows: HCC Lengthsman/P3 Claim 4th quarter 16/17 £572.50; 2nd stage NDP grant £3,456.00
c) It was RESOLVED to pay:
i) Eyelid Productions Ltd Parish Council website development £500.00
ii) John Sherahilo Refund for defib cabinet £335.00
iii) Terry Griffiths Lengthsman work June TGC0060 £458.40
iv) Peter Pember Internal Audit fee £50.00 + VAT
v) Enviroability Stimming footpaths 4 days £638.50
vi) Elizabeth Malcolm Clerk Salary 9 wks £410.04, Mileage £13.50, Postage £2.84, Printing £6.72
d) VAT claim for prior year of £1,366.66 noted.
e) Review of budget and expenditure was noted.
f) It was RESOLVED to approve Clerk’s application for online access to bank statement.


11) Parish Phone Box – Cllr Sherahillo reported that voluntary work on repairs continues.

12) Broadband Provision – The Chairman thanked Mr Norman Pomfrett for attending the presentation and reporting back on presentation by Fastershire on next stage of provision for broadband. Slides will be made available on Parish website.

13) Parish Website – it was RESOLVED to upload information received from time to time to enable distribution of information to Parish.

14) Correspondence – none

15) Items for next agenda – deferred items above only

16) Next meeting confirmed as 26th September 2017.

The Chairman proposed warm congratulations to Cllr Gething Lewis on his appointment as MBE in Queens honours list.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 22:00 Hrs.