Agenda Tuesday 30th November 2021

Councillors are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council
on Tuesday 30th November 2021 at 7pm, Upton Bishop Millennium Hall, HR9 7UD


C21/55 To receive, consider and approve apologies for absence

C21/56 To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation

C21/57 To receive and approve the minutes of the meetings on 28th September and 11th November 2021

C21/58 Open Session (10 minutes)
1. To consider and note Cllr Durkin’s latest Ward Report.
2. To receive the views of local residents on parish matters.

C21/59 Village Hall Phase 1 project update (10 minutes);
1. To receive a verbal update from the Steering Group and consider actions.
2. To consider invoices for payment.

C21/60 Planning (20 minutes)
To consider and agree comments relating to applications for determination by Herefordshire Council:
1. P213789/F P G L Hillcrest Foy Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6RD
Proposed extension to managers accommodation, activity pond, parking area, internal road alterations and external shelters.
2. To note Herefordshire Council’s Planning Decisions since last meeting:
P213178/FH Coles Farm, Foy HR9 6QY
Proposed replacement of derelict corrugated steel and plastic end wall(east elevation) with a stone wall in harmony with adjacent elevations of surrounding buildings. Increase height of concrete pillars around structural steel on front elevation, horizontally clad upper section (at eaves level) of front elevation with larch feather edged weatherboards. Close bay 3 with infill of concrete blocks at rear and with the installation of a roller shutter garage door at front. Approved with Conditions

P212964/FH Larksmead, Brampton Abbotts HR9 7JE
Proposed single storey extension to form utility room. New bay window to staircase. Approved with Conditions

P212956/FH Ingestone Cottage, Foy HR9 6RA
Proposed double storey rear extension, single side and garden terrace. Refused

P212620/F Clouds Harrow, Church Road, Brampton Abbotts HR9 7JE
Proposed new vehicle access. Refused

P212652/F The Byres, Townsend Farm, Church Road, Brampton Abbotts HR9 7JE
Application for removal or variation of a condition 2 of permission P190013/F (Erection of 2 dwellings) – to allow revised house plans/designs for workshop/store/cycle store. Approved with Conditions

P212619/F Land West of Larksmead, Church Road, Brampton Abbotts HR9 7JE
Proposed variation of condition 2 following grant of planning permission 161859 Appeal Ref APP/W1850/W/17/3173077 (Proposed residential dwelling)- Amendments to garage roof, dwelling location and size. Approved with Conditions

P212911/FH The Old House, Brampton Abbotts HR9 7JG
Proposed two storey extension and alterations. Approved with Conditions

C21/61 Finance (10 minutes)
1. To consider the following invoices for payment:
Invoice No. Payee Goods / Services Total
89 UBMH Hall Hire (September meeting) £25.00
21/0178 Osbornes Village Hall Phase 1 production of technical specification for tenders £1,560.00
Miss A Jones Clerk’s expenses (travel and printing) £34.15

2. To note payments made but not included within the finance summary of previous meetings:
Invoice No. Payee Goods / Services Total
H1214 HALC Subscription £457.88

3. To consider update on the external audit report (if available) and agree any necessary actions
4. Council to agree internal audit arrangements for 2021/22
5. Council to agree expenditure to fix issues with the website and PC laptop
6. Council to agree insurance arrangements for 21/22 (policy expires 8th Dec.)
7. Council to consider draft budget and agree any necessary changes and confirm Precept for 2022/23.

C21/62 Highways / Footpaths / Greenspaces / Environment (15 minutes)
1. To consider any highway/footpath issues to be reported to BBLP/HC.
2. To consider correspondence regarding parking on Church Road
3. To consider correspondence regarding a request for dead trees to be felled along a PRoW.
4. To consider tasks for the Lengthsman.
5. Council to consider whether to attend the BBLP drop-in session for the 2022/23 annual plan programme, on Wednesday 8 December at the Thorn Depot from 2.00pm to 5.00pm and / or the planned virtual session on Thursday 9 December 2021 from 10 – 11 am.

C21/63 Information Share – not requiring discussion, expenditure or decision

C21/64 Next meeting(s)
1. To consider and agree room booking requirements for 2022
2. Next scheduled ordinary meeting – To Be Confirmed

Members of the public will be asked to leave, so that the following confidential item can be considered.

C21/65 Village Hall Phase 1
1. To consider tenders and appoint a contractor.

Miss A Jones, Clerk to the Council

Date: 25th November 2021