Minutes Extra ordinary Meeting 6th January 2016

Extra ordinary Meeting Minutes of Brampton Abbotts & Foy Group Parish Council

Wednesday 6 th January 2016 at 7.30pm at Brampton Abbotts Village Hall

Present; Chairman Cllr R Lewis, Cllr V Coker, Cllr I Pebody, Cllr J Sherahilo, Cllr D Teague Cllr Gething – Lewis

In attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk, Ward Cllr B Durkin & 20 parishioners

1. Apologies for absence.

Cllr d Uzzell

2. To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests

On agenda items. None declared

Local resident were given an opportunity to air their views concerning the planning applications. Parishioners present had many concerns with regard to the proposed application 153437- Land at Brampton Abbotts

The Parish Council advised local residents to make their comments on the application via Herefordshire Council’s website in the planning application section

3. Planning

3.1 153390- Pipers Ridge Brampton Abbotts Ross – on – Wye Herefordshire

Description: Proposed detached garage

Applicant Mr Thomas

It was RESOLVED to: SUPPORT the application

3.2 153437- Land at Brampton Abbotts

Description: Proposed residential development of 4 dwellings

Applicant Owner/ Occupier

It was RESOLVED to: OBJECT to the application for the following reasons:

1. Loss of ecological habitat
The ecological report from Betts Ecology suggests that they made one visit only and from that single visit a vast diversity has been recorded of fauna and flora some with protected status. Much of the report relates to observations from 1964, 2010, 2002,2003, clearly there has been no up to date research and the go ahead relies on one visit and old data. There are signs of protected species and a more in depth report needs to be commissioned before the habitat is lost

2. Overshadowing nature of the development / loss of privacy.
The properties will be overshadowing the current properties to the west of the lane; the development is in an elevated position compared to the other properties. The properties will overlook those other properties and there will be a loss of privacy.

3. Overbearing nature of the proposal.
The PC’s view is that this is a proposed development of an overbearing nature and the design and appearance are not in line with the existing buildings.

4. Design and appearance.
The design and access statement states that:” the materials are an appropriate and sympathetic response to its place within the locality. The material mix has been carefully chosen to reflect and reinforce the link with the areas traditional natural building material .” That material mix is red brick, natural timber boarding, slate roof and aluminium windows and doors. It is the PC’s view that there are no 2 storey buildings in Brampton Abbotts which display these materials so it’s far from sympathetic, or traditional building materials. The only building of perhaps similar design is the bungalow further up the lane. This is an application for substantial 2 storey buildings completely out of character.

5. Access and Highway safety
The proposed development has facility for 16 more cars to use a single lane road the access is inappropriate and unable to sustain these further vehicles. There are already some 26 cars used by current residents with the proposed development there will be a minimum of 42 clearly a hazard. There is a proposal for 2 passing places neither of which will assist the access. Additionally the green by the junction is 2 way it is not possible to make this one way as certain vehicles will be unable to access the lane. There is very limited visibility, into and out of the lane. With 42 vehicles use this poses a safety issue. The mums/dads etc from Oak House who are uncontrollable with their parking at collection and drop off times, twice daily block the junction at Ross road causing safety issues. It’s only a matter of time before a child will run out under a car and is killed, and the proposed greater vehicle generation brings this time forward.

6. Traffic generation

Adding to the observations relating to access and highway safety, the lane is also used by the staff of Oak House nursery to use the village hall car park at any one time between 20 and 23 cars can be seen at the village hall. This makes some 65 cars accessing a residential vehicle access lane. It was never intended for such use and this additional traffic generation is not acceptable.


The PC wish to point out that the proposed development is in an ANOB, however there is no mention of this in application.