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3 thoughts on “Your Comments”

  1. Congratulations. A clear and simple site to use.

    I think it would be helpful to include a brief resume of the Parish Councillors for the benefit of people who do not know them and include their email addresses?

    • Thank you Brenda.
      We have not included email addresses as this can expose people to spam and worse. Any messages sent through the Contact form will be forwarded to individual Councillors as appropriate.

  2. I was acutely embarrassed by the rudeness displayed by some parish councillors towards the visitors from the Deloittes Cycle Tour at the parish council meeting on August 15th. They gave a clear explanation why the PC’s request for a one-way system was not a good idea, but they were interrupted, and virtually shouted down by some of our councillors who, unlike the visitors, have no experience of organising such an event. In the past, members of the public have been accused of giving meetings in Brampton Abbotts a bad name. I would have expected much better from our servants on the parish council.


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