Defibrillator Support


Dear Parishioners

You may have seen that the phone box has moved on and is painted and now glazed.

Its taken time but is now ready for the defibrillator.

The defibrillator cabinet will soon be installed.

Leaving the purchasing of the defibrillator.


You will recall some time ago (quite some time ago)  I sent a request for pledges towards the costs.

Many offered to assist and contribute and indeed pledged.

Now is the time to ask for those pledges.

If you would like to contribute please let me have your cash or cheques payable to Brampton Abbotts & Foy Group Parish council.

I’m at 5 The Grove

Or pay direct into the PC account which is

Brampton Abbotts & Foy Group Parish Council

Sort code: 30 94 14

Account No: 01916018

If you use bank transfer then please provide your surname and ‘defib’ in explanation and email to the clerk (

We have already received invaluable financial support from the Community Café group and the Coffee and Cake Club  thanks to them all but more is needed please.

Thank you all for your patience and continuing support.

Best Wishes

John Sherahilo

On behalf of the Parish Council