Reduce Speed Project

Brampton Abbotts Reduce speed Working Group.

Brampton Abbotts and Foy Group Parish Council has set up a Reduce speed working group to help improve safety in Brampton Abbotts. The working group is made up from both Parish Councillors and Parishioners and has been tasked to review progress with the existing TRO, (Traffic Regulation Order), and to review other measures which could be used to slow traffic down through the village. The working groups findings and recommendations will be reported back to the Parish Council who will then decide how to move things forward.

Following a meeting between the Parish Council and Ian Connolly, Traffic Management Advisor for Warwickshire and West Mercia Police, the working group has been looking at …

1. Village Gates at the entrance to the village at the Netherton and the Grove ends of the Ross Road and Gatsford lane
2. Progression of the TRO for Brampton registered in 2013
3. Other signs / measures which can be approved by the Highways department
4. Funding sources

The Working group, in conjunction with Ward Councillor Barry Durkin, have significantly raised our village safety concerns with BalfourBeatty Highways department. Meetings with the Traffic management team has brought forward our TRO to the top of the pile and ADL representing BalfourBeatty are now planning to make a start through a 8-12 month process of consultation and surveys. Furthermore the working group has managed to extend the TRO to cover the Gatsford Road as well as the Ross Road in recognition of the cut through by vehicles trying to avoid the A40.

Village gates at the entrances to the village will clearly mark where the village begins in an attempt to encourage drivers to slow down. Gate locations are being reviewed with the help of BalfourBeatty and costs are being evaluated to put forward to the Parish Council where ultimately these costs will need to be met.

The working group welcome Parishioners views and comments and fund raising ideas to go towards the Village Gates. Please email any comments to our Parish Clerk

Further updates from the Working group will be provided at forthcoming Parish Council meetings and on this website.