Minutes Extraordinary meeting 12th September 2017

Minutes of the Extraordinary meeting of the Council
On Tuesday 12th September 2017
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall at 20:30

Present: Chairman Cllr R Lewis; Vice Chairman Cllr D Teague; Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr O Marshall; Cllr P Plumley; Cllr J Sherahilo; Cllr G Watts.
In attendance: Ward Cllr B Durkin; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm; 14 Parishioners.
1) Apologies for absence: Cllr I Pebody
2) Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: Cllr Lewis declared a non pecuniary interest in item 5 a; Cllr Marshall declared a pecuniary interest in item 5.a
3) Minutes of meetings: Meeting of the Parish Council 15th August 2017 – Cllr Sherahilo requested the addition of some words clarification in item 5 para 3, after 4th word “after hearing the representations form Mr Cook & road and Police authority” it was RESOLVED to accept this amendment and agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
4) Open Session. Views of Local Residents – none (Planning comments invited with application discussion)
5) Planning
Cllr Marshall had requested that he be permitted to present a statement on the application. The meeting discussed and voted on the suggestion with 4 against and 1 in favour of the proposal. It was determined that further discussion of such a precedent must take place.
[Cllr Marshall left the room. Cllr Lewis abstained from discussion and Cllr Teague assumed Chairman of the meeting.] a) applications received:
172874 Brampton Abbotts Village Hall – Proposed residential dwelling
Mrs Marshall presented a statement on the proposal. Comments were received from members of the public. Following discussion, the Councillors voted and it was RESOLVED to object to the application with comments below. Votes 4 to object, 1 to accept and 1 abstention.

This is an application for a four bedroomed two storey detached dwelling building on existing agricultural land.
No pre-application advice has been sought.
The address is given as Brampton Abbotts Village Hall Church Road. This is misleading. The application has nothing to do with the Village hall. The land is North of the Village hall. The village hall has no proprietary or pecuniary interest in the land on which the application is being made.
The site is accessed off a single-track road already used by some 16 houses and if planning granted for current outstanding applications 22 houses. It is also used by the staff at Oak house nursery to park in the Village Hall carpark, usually some 22 plus cars each working day. So on average some 66 cars per working day.
The site lies within the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
The application is not compliant with the Policy RA2
1 It will not bolster existing services, improve facilities and infrastructure and meet the needs of the local community.
There are no existing services to bolster, there is no shop, no pub, no church, there is one only bus per week.
The development will be totally reliant on the car, against policy.
The development will only add to the existing stretched limited infrastructure.
The development fails to meet the needs of the local community, there are a number of established properties on the market in Brampton Abbotts of this size and they remain unsold.
2 The design and layout does not reflect the size, role and function of the settlement and is not located within or adjacent to the main built up area.
The design would be unique in the settlement unlike anything else, it would be unsightly and overpowering, and stand alone in this agricultural land and AONB. It would be domineering in the landscape adjacent to 2 footpaths.
3 The criteria Particular attention to form, layout, character and setting and location in the settlement and/or result in development that contributes to or is essential to the social well-being of the settlement is not net
This development sets out a landmark proposal in design, which form, layout character, setting and location are uncharacteristic of the settlement and will detract from the AONB. The large size of the development does not add to the social well- being of the settlement, and can in no way be classified as being essential.
4 It does not make a positive contribution to the surrounding environment and its landscape setting.
This stand alone, uncharacteristic property will be detrimental to the environment and landscape setting, it is totally out of character and will be a blight on the landscape. It will add to and be detrimental to the services and traffic increase. All the local roads are very narrow with no pavements and additional traffic will cause an accident issue.
5 The result does not deliver the size, type tenure or range of housing that is required in this particular settlement, and does not reflect local demand.
As there are a number of unsold private properties on the market in the settlement, of this size, clearly there is no requirement for more. There is no consideration for tenure or type, or consideration for the needs of the community.
This is the wrong house in the wrong area

[Cllr Marshall re-joined the meeting and Cllr Lewis re-assumed Chairman of the meeting.]

6) Neighbourhood Development Plan
Cllr Teague reported that work continues to bring the draft document to completion for presentation for consultation as soon as possible. Clerk advised that information will be available on the website shortly.

7) Next ordinary meeting confirmed as 26th September 2017 at 07:30pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:15.