Minutes APC 22nd May 2017

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting
On Tuesday 22nd May 2018
At Council Chamber, Corn Exchange, Ross-on-Wye at 19:30

Present: Chairman Cllr R Lewis; Cllr E Evans; Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr O Marshall; Cllr I Pebody; Cllr P Plumley; Cllr J Scudamore; Cllr J Sherahilo; Cllr D Teague Vice Chairman; Cllr G Watts

In attendance: Ward Cllr B Durkin; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm; 3 Parishioners.

1) Election of Chairman: Cllr Watts proposed and Cllr Pebody seconded and it was RESOLVED unanimously to elect Cllr Robert Lewis as Chairman.

2) Election of Vice Chairman: Cllr Watts proposed, Cllr Gething-Lewis seconded and it was RESOLVED unanimously to elect Cllr David Teague as Vice Chairman.

3) Apologies for absence: None

4) Declarations of interest and dispensation requests:

a) Cllr Lewis declared a pecuniary interest in item 9 a i.
b) Councillors were reminded of the need to ensure that their declarations submitted to the Monitoring Officer were up to date. The Clerk will provide a weblink to enable checking.

5) Co-option of new Council member –None

6) Minutes of meetings: It was RESOLVED unanimously to agree and sign the minutes of 27th March 2018 as a true and accurate record of the meetings.

7) Open Session

a) Ward Councillor’s report: Ward Cllr Barry Durkin had presented a report of recent events at the APM and submitted a written report (published on Parish Council website).
b) Views of Local Residents – a discussion took place on the work necessary to repair the Village Hall. It was agreed that the Parish Council should offer assistance if possible and to include the matter as an item on agenda for future meetings.

8) BACRG – Cllr Marshall provided a report on progress. A written copy is on the Parish Council website to view. Questions & comments arising:

• A suggestion that a full photographic plan of the current state of the building be completed before contractors start
• A Councillor advised he had received a letter from Church Commissioners advising change of use and noted he felt communication on progress is important and that a commercial use should not lead to noise or disruption to the residential location
• A Councillor asked if the car park is part of the CIC and it was confirmed as owned by the PCC and will be leased to BACRG.
• A member of the public felt care and strong controls are needed to ensure building disruption does not spoil the goodwill with parishioners.

9) Planning

a) Current Planning applications

Cllr Lewis left the room & Cllr Teague assumed the Chair

i) 181077 The Byres Townsend Farm – 2 detached dwellings. – following discussion it was RESOLVED by majority (8 against, 1 abstention) to object to the application:
Access and Safety Issues
The road access passes through a number of right angle bends on a narrow single track lane used by existing residents and working farm machinery. It is dangerous and further vehicle movements exacerbate this problem.
The access to the proposed properties continues to be dangerous with limited visibility because of the location on a bend.
The lane is regularly used by walkers (the Herefordshire Trail passes through the village) and with little room to stand aside for passing vehicles additional vehicle movements adds to the danger to pedestrians.
Traffic Generation
The properties will be totally reliant on private transport as there is only one bus per week. The property owners, their guests and deliveries will add to the traffic generation along single track roads.
Design and Appearance
The design and appearance of the proposed dwellings is out of keeping with the rest of the village. Whilst they have been compared to another dwelling it is a house that is not visible as it is obscured behind farm buildings and therefore not relevant.
Effect on listed buildings and Conservation area
The proposed development is in an ANOB and next to a listed building
The ‘Planning Policy Statement’ lists the following as ‘present within the village and in proximity to the application site’:
• Local Shop
• Primary School
• Public House
• Public transport connections
• Church
• Village Hall/community centre
This is incorrect – there is no shop, the school in the village is a private nursery school, there is no pub, public transport runs one service once a week only and the Church is closed.
The Transport Report submitted and shown online refers to a development of 3 dwellings and does not relate to the 2 dwellings now applied for.

Cllr Lewis returned to the room and assumed the Chair.

ii) 180972 Adj grain store, Rudhall Mill, Phocle Green – retrospective use of land as car park –

iii) 18073 Adj grain store, Rudhall Mill, Phocle Green – temporary use of land for standing 6 containers for 12 months.
It was RESOLVED following discussion to return no comment on the two applications on land adjacent to the Parish boundary.

b) Applications decided:

i) 180460 The Furrows, Overton Farmhouse, Brampton Abbotts.- Construction of timber gazebo in rear garden; addition of timber cladding and single door to front of carport. Approved. Noted
ii) 181186 The Gate House, Hole in the Wall – Non-material amendment 174070/F (Conversion of redundant commercial premises to a single dwelling) – Modification to parking deck layout and revision of rainwater goods material from cast iron to cast aluminium – Approved. Noted

10) Light Pollution  It was RESOLVED to seek to ask a Planning Consultant from CPRE to present suggestions for most effective action with Herefordshire Planning Department and enforcement and include in the Neighbourhood Development Plan. A meeting with a consultant to take place if more than 3 Councillors available to attend.

11) Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Teague provided an update on events at Community Open Day held by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Evans at Muddy Boots Software offices on 14th April 2018. Questions & Comments report would be posted on the website shortly and revisions to the draft plan.

12) Road Defects / Highways issues

a) Road defects & highways issues – It was noted that verge cutting had not started and the lanes are made more dangerous with further reduced visibility. Tourists and visitors to the locality over the holiday week may be put off by poor conditions. Potholes in Netherton Lane have been repaired, but not yet in Turners Lane which is now urgent.
b) Working Group on action on speeding a document of discussions with Balfour Beatty Traffic Management team was circulated. It was noted that the 2013 TRO is now being actioned and recognising the ‘rat-run’ will now include Gatsford Lane. Grateful thanks were given to Ms Lillette for her work with the group. Cllr Watts confirmed Parish gates will cost £1200 a pair and he has approached sponsors for funding with some success.
Cllr Gething-Lewis expressed concern for walkers on the Hole-in-the-Wall lane where there is no footway, but it was felt this must be treated as a different project.
c) Wye Valley Challenge w/e 11-12th August – following discussion of the details circulated by email it was RESOLVED to seek to ensure verges and paths were cut in time and advise landowners.

13) Lengthsman:

a) Work undertaken & work required – RESOLVED to book for clearance of sight lines, and general work as necessary.
b) BBL Partnership Scheme contract – was approved and signed.
c) Lengthsmans Contract – to be brought to next meeting with evidence of insurance.

14) Footpaths: RESOLVED to ask Mr Griffiths to undertake necessary work identified with the Clerk. A missing finger post at footpath entrance to BA25 at The Grove to be replaced.

15) Risk Schedule – a draft schedule was discussed and amendments and additions provided. Revised version for review at next meeting.

16) Finance

a) Bank Balance and Receipts & Expenditure for year to date – schedules were circulated and noted
b) Internal audit of accounts for 2017/18 was agreed and signed
c) Annual Governance Statement for 2017/18 was agreed and signed
d) Annual accounting statement for 2017/18 was agreed and singed.
e) Payments: It was RESOLVED to pay Ross Town Council, room hire £15; Elizabeth Malcolm Clerk £482.88 (Salary 2 months £456, Mileage £13.50, Printing & Stationery £13.38); Grant Thornton external audit fee for 2016/17 (late invoice submission) £120.

17) Parish Phone Box – Cllr Sherahilo circulated an update (to view on the Parish Website).

18) GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations):

a) It was RESOLVED to endorse the action plan and toolkit from NALC
b) It was RESOLVED to adopt the draft privacy policies
c) It was RESOLVED to appoint the Clerk as Data Protection Compliance Officer
d) It was RESOLVED that if necessary, to appoint the DPO approved from HALC at an annual fee of £50.

19) Community Café – the Clerk advised that 3 volunteers had come forward to continue the Community Café.

20) Correspondence Received: None

21) Meeting Dates:

a) Next meeting the Parish Council – 24th July 2018 at 7:30pm
b) Reserved date of 26th June 2018 for extraordinary meeting if necessary was noted. It was further noted that Cllrs Teague, Scudamore and Evans would not be available on that date.
c) Ordinary Parish Council meetings 25th September; 27th November.
d) Reserved dates for extraordinary meetings if required; 28th August; 23rd October.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:45