Minutes Annual Group P C Meeting 24th May 2016

Minutes of The Annual Group Parish Council Meeting of Brampton Abbotts & Foy Group Parish Council
On Tuesday 24th May at 2016
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall 7.30pm

Present: Chairman Robert Lewis, Cllr D Uzzell, Cllr J Sherahilo, Cllr D Teague, Cllr V Coker Cllr I Pebody, Cllr Gething – Lewis
In attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk and Footpaths Officer Brenda Pomfret

1. To Elect Chairman
Cllr Robert Lewis elected as Chairman

2. To Elect Vice Chairman
No Vice Chairman elected

3. Apologies for absence
Ward Cllr B Durkin

4.To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items
None declared. No dispensations requested

5.To co -opt members to fill current vacancies
No co – option took place due to no candidates coming forward.
It was RESOLVED: that a notice is paced in the parish noticeboards and on the website with regard to current Parish Councillor vacancies.

6. To agree & sign the minutes of the Parish Council meeting 30/03/2016
It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign the minutes of 30/03/2016 as a true record of the meeting

7. To elect members to the following working groups

7.1 Finance working group
7.2 Employment working group
It was RESOLVED: to have no working groups

8. Open Session

8.1 To receive views of local residents on parish matters
Matters raised: parish notice board at Foy is in a bad state of disrepair – (agenda item next meeting)
Siting of Commemorative bench not in place
Chairman would contact the volunteer who had offered to site the bench.

9. Lengthsman /P3 Scheme

9.1 To consider maintenance day to be carried out by Parish lengthsman. June & July Maintenance day to be carried out 1 in June and 1 in July. Any issues relating to Lengthsman work required to be emailed to the parish clerk.
Gate house area issues – Cllr Gething Lewis to email the clerk and contact the lengthsman

10. Footpaths

10.1To note foot paths officer reports for Brampton Abbotts & Foy
A footpaths officer report had been received from the footpaths officer for Foy parish, but no report had been received from the footpaths officer for Brampton Abbotts. The footpaths report from Foy highlighted some grass cutting/removal of brambles needed at FY2, FY4, FY5, FY6, FY7, FY10 AND FY11 joins BA23.
FY4. The stiles need replacing if funds permit.
FY6 from the road (east side of the river) the suspension bridge needs attending too. Footpaths officer to email the clerk and the clerk to contact the locality officer regarding this and request an inspection of the suspension bridge is carried
10.2 To consider P3 work to be carried out by Lengthsman
It was RESOLVED that: The lengthsman attends to grass cutting, removal of brambles and branches required along the first part of the track – FY5 – Wye Valley Walk from the road near Orchard Cottage to the field gate.
The clerk reported that she had received a letter from Balfour Beatty concerning supply of material for P3 work. Balfour Beatty would not be supplying materials F.O.C any longer.
It was RESOLVED: that the clerk write to Balfour Beatty and email the ward Cllr regarding the matter as the Parish Council have recently agreed the annual maintenance plan and signed the lengthsman and P3 contract as required prior to the letter being sent out.

11.Road defects / Highways issues

11.1To consider road defects/highways issues to be reported to locality officer/ Herefordshire Council.
A number of potholes in the parishes have been marked up some with white marker spray some with blue marker spray, clarity requested on the marking of potholes and as to when they will be attended to.
Road issues to report to locality officer: Netherton lane: Pot holes need attending too (not marked up) The condition of Netherton road to the end of the lane has deteriorated and needs addressing. Below Hill of Eton the road is breaking up and need repairing.

12. Planning

12.1To note planning permissions granted refused by Herefordshire Council since last meeting
Planning permission granted: Land at Brampton Abbotts, Ross – on- Wye proposed residential development of 4 dwellings
Planning applications received since last meeting;
151035 – 4- Willowbrook, Greytree, Ross – on – Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7JS- Proposed change of use to of road parking
No comment by PC
16100- Land at Netherton road, Overross Industrial Estate Ross – on- Wye Herefordshire
Proposed change of use of land for hand car wash business (use class B1) and laying out of access and manoeuvring facilities. Erection of office and storage building for use in conjunction with proposed car wash business
No comment from PC

13. Neighbourhood Development Plan

13.1 To note data of NDP Meeting
Clerk to chase up Kirkwells re date for NDP steering Group Meeting, and advise Cllrs of date
Cllr Teague asked about the terms and condition in the support package from Kirkwells with regard to them being the usual standards for PC’s Clerk to contact Kirkwells.

14. Finance

14.1To note bank balance £4239.72
Bank balance noted as per the last statement she had been sent from the previous clerk as the bank mandate had not been update with regard to the clerks details name and address along with a new bank signatory to be added for signing on the account.
14.2To agree and sign internally audited accounts 2015/16
It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign internally audited accounts 2015/16
14.3 To approve and sign annual accounting statement 2015/16
It was RESOLVED: to approve and sign annual accounting statement 2015/16
14.4To agree and sign annual governance statement 2015/16
It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign annual governance statement 2015/16
14.5To consider invoices for payments
It was RESOLVED to pay:
Clerk re imbursement postage £7.25
T Griffiths L/man invoice 1611 £330.00
14.6To note BACS remittance of 1st precept payment 2016/17 £2750.00
14.7To receive an update on purchase of replacement litter bin at Foy footbridge
It was RESOLVED: not to replace the litter bin at Foy Footbridge, but to have a sign made saying “Please take your litter home” Cllr Gething Lewis to attend to.
14.8To receive an update regarding purchase of cyclists “caution” sign for placing along Wye Valley walk
It was RESOLVED: to contact the locality officer with regard to the sign proposed caution” sign for placing along Wye Valley walk. Costing of 2 signs £32.50 +VAT each. It was resolved to see if” Delotte” would contribute to the cost of the signs Clerk to report back at next meeting.

15. Parish Phone Box

15.1To consider ideas for parish phone box
Ideas that were proposed were Information on public footpaths in the parish, defibrillator, & tourist information.
The Chairman reported that the electricity in the phone box needed an earth wire to enable the defibrillator to be charged up.
15.2To consider expressions of interest concerning purchase of defibrillator
£800.00 had been raised to date further fund raising and grant funding would be required to enable the PC to purchase a defibrillator. Estimated costing would be in the region of £1200.00 for the cost of defib box and two pads one adult and one infant pad.
It was RESOLVED that in principal the pc were minded to go ahead with the purchase of a defibrillator, subject to further fund raising and grant funding. The Clerk was to seek grant funding available and report back at the next meeting

16. Correspondence

16.1To note correspondence received since last meeting

16.2To note and book HALC training as required – None required

17.To consider items for next agenda (no discussion)
Community Governance review update
Condition of Bus shelter by the school
Pension regulator update

18. To note date of next Parish Council Meeting as Tuesday 26th July 2016 at 7.30pm