Minutes 2nd August 2016

Minutes of The Meeting of Brampton Abbotts & Foy Group Parish Council
On Tuesday 2nd August 2016
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall 7.30pm

Present: Chairman Robert Lewis, Cllr D Uzzell, Cllr J Sherahilo, Cllr D Teague, Cllr I Pebody, Cllr Gething – Lewis

In attendance Parish Clerk Kath Greenow, Ward Cllr Barry Durkin, parish footpaths officer (Foy) B Pomfret and 12parishioners

1.Apologies for absence
Cllr V Coker

2.To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests
on agenda items
Cllr D Teague declare a non-pecuniary interest on agenda item 11.2 Planning application 161859

3.To co -opt members to fill current vacancies
It was RESOLVED to: that Mr Oliver Marshall be co-opted to fill current vacancy for Brampton Abbotts parish.

4. To agree & sign the minutes of The Annual Parish Council meeting on 24/05/2016
It was RESOLVED to: agree and sign the minutes of The Annual Parish Council meeting held on 24/05/2016 as a true record of the meeting
At this point in the meeting the Chairman brought forward agenda item 11 Planning & Agenda item 12 Neighbourhood Development Plan.
At this point in the meeting Cllr David Teague left the room


11.1To note planning permissions granted refused by Herefordshire Council since last meeting. NONE
11.2 To comment on planning application received:
161859 Larksmead Brampton Abbotts Ross On Wye
Description: Proposed residential dwelling Applicant: Mr S Frazer
Discussion took place with regard to the application.
It was RESOLVED: Not to comment on the application at present due to the application address site being incorrect. The Parish Council’s view was that the application was therefore invalid due to the incorrect site address on the. The clerk was asked to contact the planning officer to inform him of the incorrect address on the planning application and that it was the Parish Council view that the application was.
At this point in the meeting Cllr David Teague was called back into the meeting he re-entered the room.

11.3 16125 Mallards Barn, Netherton Ross – on – Wye
Description: install 6 Aluminium poles with black LED lights to provide lighting for existing menege. To be restricted in use from 7am- 10pm daily
It was RESOLVED: to SUPPORT the application

12. Neighbourhood Development Plan

12.1To note grant awarded to The Parish council for NDP by Groundworks UK
It was noted that a grant had been awarded by Ground works uk of £4700.00
12.2To receive a report on the NDP meeting held on 15/06/2016
A report on the NDP meeting on 15/06/2016 had been circulated to Cllrs in their agenda pack and the report was noted.
12.3To appoint the clerk as secretary and finance co ordinator of the NDP steering Group
It was RESOLVED that: to appoint the clerk as secretary and finance co ordinator of the NDP steering Group
12.4 To appoint Parish Council representatives to the Steering Group
It was RESOLVED: to appoint the following Cllrs as Parish Council representatives to the NDP steering group Chairman Cllr Robert Lewis Cllr John Sherahilo, Cllr Isabel Pebody, Cllr David Teague and Cllr Charles Gething Lewis (as and when available)
12.5To agree terms of reference for the NDP steering group
A draft terms of reference had been circulated to Cllrs in their agenda packs
It was RESOLVED: to agree the terms of reference for the NDP steering group
12.6 To consider date of next meeting for NDP steering group
It was RESOLVED that: The Clerk was asked to contact Planning Consultants Kirkwells for some dates that they would be available to attend an NDP meeting in August.

5. Open Session

5.1 To receive views of local residents on parish matters
A parishioner present at the meeting raised a question in relation to the parish noticeboards and information in them. The clerk advised that the PC place the agenda in the noticeboards as required when a PC meeting is to take place and information is also placed on the website.
A question was also asked about the information on the website concerning updating of information relating to the parish church info and village hall. The clerk advised that the website is not owned by the PC and information relating to the church and village hall is not done by the PC.
The clerk was thanked by parishioner for her efforts in getting the Parish Council section of the website.
The applicant for the planning application161859 Larksmead, Brampton Abbotts, Ross -on- Wye was present at the meeting and he informed the Parish Council that the site address on the application was correct.
5.2 Ward Cllrs report Cllr B Durkin
The ward Cllrs report for July was noted
5.3 To note BACRG report re: St Michaels church Brampton Abbotts
The BACRG report was noted.

6. Lengthsman /P3 Scheme

6.1 To consider maintenance day to be carried out by Parish lengthsman. August & September
It was RESOLVED: that the lengthsman continue with monthly maintenance days in August and September
6.2To note l/man expenditure and P3 expenditure to date 2016/17
Lengthsman & P3 expenditure to date was noted as: L/man work £275.00+ VAT, P3 as £250.00 +VAT
6.3 To consider footpaths work to be carried out by Lengthsman under the P3 Scheme
It was RESOLVED: that the lengthsman carry out strimming along FY8 & FY6 footpaths


7.1To receive an update concerning the footpaths officer for Brampton Abbotts
It was RESOLVED: that the clerk contact the footpaths officer for Brampton Abbotts to request a footpaths report.

8.Road defects / Highways issues

8.1.1To consider road defects/highways issues to be reported to Herefordshire Council
The road below Hill of Eton, court farm – Hole in the wall road is in a bad state of disrepair
Netherton Lane has a number of pot holes that need attending to. The Grove hedgerow on the right-hand side needs cutting back. The clerk was asked to contact Balfour Beatty Locality Officer to ask if he is able to contact the landowner to advise that the hedge needs cutting back. Hole in the wall cattle grid had still not been attended to by Balfour Beatty. Clerk to chased up
8.2To discuss Hole in the Wall signage.
Discussion took place with regard to where the sign Hole in the wall is currently sited.
It was RESOLVED: to move the sign where it is currently sited to a more appropriate place It was RESOVLED: that the sign is placed on the post which has the cattle grid signage on it. Cllr Pebody to attend to.
8.3To consider cost regarding “caution” sign for placing along Wye
Cllr Gething Lewis advised the Parish Council that a sponsor had come forward who was happy to sponsor one of the signs should the Parish Council agree to the costing of the sign. The estimated cost of 2 signs £108.10 including VAT. Cllr Gething Lewis to check carriage charge.
It was RESOLVED: to purchase 2 signs. Cllr Gething Lewis to attend to purchase of signs and advise sponsor.
8.4To consider complaint from parishioner with regard to speeding issues in the Foy area of
the parish.
I was RESOLVED that more information was required from the complainant with regard to the speeding issue in Foy. Clerk to contact the complainant and seek clarity on the issue
8.5 To consider parishioners request regarding directional /warning road sign
It was RESOLVED: that the clerk contact Balfour Beatty Locality Officer and chase up the request made. Clerk to report back at next meeting
8.6 To consider sand bag information and request form for empty sandbags from Balfour Beatty
Information from Balfour Beatty was noted.

9.Parish noticeboards

9.1To consider repair/replacement of the noticeboard at Foy
Noticeboard at Foy West – local resident had offered to attend to the noticeboard.
It was RESOLVED: that the offer to attend to the noticeboard at Foy West is accepted. Cllr Pebody to advise local resident
Noticeboard at Foy East – the board needs to be bigger to accommodate information in the board.
It was RESOLVED: clerk to seek quotes for a noticeboard (size 6 x a4 sheets)

10.Standing Orders

10.1To consider draft Standing Orders
It was RESOLVED: to adopt Standing Orders
11.4 To consider commenting Herefordshire Council’s Travellers sites development plan document preferred options – public consultation
It was RESOLVED: to make no comment

13. Finance

13.1To note bank balance noted as £4344.67
13.2To consider invoices for payments
It was RESOLVED: to pay
Terry Griffiths footpaths work (P3) £300.00
Clerk reimbursement of postage 12.27
13.3To note Bacs remittance l/man & P3 final quarters £1454.00

14. Parish Phone Box

14.1To receive an update on grants available concerning purchase of defibrillator.
Deferred to next meeting

15. Correspondence

15.1To note correspondence received since last meeting
15.2To note and book HALC training as required – Noted
15.3 To note letter from Herefordshire Council re: Call for sites in rural settlements for inclusion in the core strategic housing and availability assessment (SHLAA)- Noted
15.4To receive an update on the Community Governance review
No further information available at present

16.To consider items for next agenda (no discussion)

17. To note date of next Parish Council Meeting as Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 7.30pm – Noted

18.To pass a resolution to exclude the public and press due to a confidential mater to be discussed
A resolution was passed to exclude the public and press due to the confidential matter to be discussed