Minutes 27th September 2016

Minutes of The Meeting of Brampton Abbotts & Foy Group Parish Council
On Tuesday 27th September 2016
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall 7.30pm

Present: Chairman Robert Lewis, Cllr J Sherahilo, Cllr D Teague, Cllr I Pebody, Cllr O Marshall,
Cllr P Plumley.

In attendance Parish Clerk Kath Greenow, Ward Cllr Barry Durkin & 4 parishioners

1.Apologies for absence
Cllr D Uzzell Cllr V Coker & Cllr C Gething – Lewis

2.To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests
on agenda items
Cllr D Teague declare a non-pecuniary interest on agenda item 15.2 Planning -161859 regarding appointment of Cllr to speak at planning committee meeting

3.To co -opt members to fill current vacancies
It was RESOLVED to: Co-opt Mr Anthony Orton to fill current vacancy for Brampton Abbotts parish.

4. To agree & sign the minutes of The Group Parish Council meeting on 02/08/2016
An amendment was made to the minutes to include Cllr Plumley as present at the meeting It was then RESOLVED to: agree and sign the minutes of The Group Parish Council meeting held on 02/08/2016 as a true record of the meeting

5. To agree & sign the minutes of an extra ordinary meeting of the Group Parish Council meeting on 11/08/2016
It was RESOLVED to: agree and sign the minutes of an extra ordinary meeting of the Group Parish Council meeting held on 11/08/2016 as a true record of the meeting

6.To Co Opt members to fill current vacancies
duplication of previous agenda item 3

7. Open Session

7.1 To receive views of residents on parish matters
A parishioner raised concerns relating to lack of information about the Parish Council NDP meeting that had previously taken place. The clerk advised that information had been placed on the noticeboards as required and that she had contacted the website administrator to request that the information is placed on the website. But unfortunately, the information had not been put on.


8.2 Ward Cllrs report- Cllr B Durkin
A full report will be given on October

9.Clerks report
Nothing to report that is not covered as an agenda item

10. Lengthsman /P3 Scheme

10.1 To consider maintenance day to be carried out by Parish lengthsman.
Lengthsman to continue with 1 maintenance day per month. Water hanging on the road at Gatsford Lane needs attending to.

10.2To note l/man expenditure and P3 expenditure to date 2016/17
Expenditure sheet noted
10.3 To consider footpaths work to be carried out by Lengthsman under the P3 Scheme
Clerk to contact the footpaths officers for Foy and Brampton Abbotts concerning footpaths work required.


11.1 To receive an update concerning the footpaths officer for Brampton Abbotts & Foy as appropriate
The Clerk advised that following a report from the lengthsman concerning footpath FY8 & bridge. She had contacted the B/B locality officer Neil James and he advised that he would visit the area concerned and advise the PC accordingly
Following a site visit by the locality officer he contacted the Clerk to advised that he had
Closed footpath FY8 and he had liaised with the landowner Mr Williams and his wife and informed them that the bridge is located on their property and is therefore their responsibility to maintain. He accepts this and will conduct repairs himself /contractor

12.Road defects / Highways issues

12.1To consider road defects/highways issues to be reported to Herefordshire Council.
Clerk to contact B/B Locality officer regarding the cattle grid that has still not been attended to as agreed by B/B.
The Clerk was asked to contact the locality officer regarding flooding issues by The Pump house at the bottom of Netherton.
B/B have still not attended to the cattle grid as previously reported to the B/B locality officer
12.2To receive an update regarding directional /warning road sign A449

13.Parish noticeboards

13.1 To receive an update on repair/replacement of the noticeboard at Foy and consider quotes obtain by the clerk as requested.
The Clerk presented 2 quotes she had obtained for replacement of noticeboards at Foy west. The quotes were for aluminium noticeboards and the PC felt that wooden noticeboards would be better, although more costly and would be more appropriate given the rural area. Cllr Peabody to speak to Foy parishioners to see what they would like with regard to noticeboard.


14.1To consider parish council website
Discussion took place regarding the Parish Council having its own website. The Clerk advised that there was a grant available for PC websites from HALC. Cllr O Marshall would look at what other PC’s websites and report back at the next meeting. The Clerk would obtain an application form from HALC for new PC website.


15.1To note planning permissions granted refused by Herefordshire Council since last meeting
Planning permission granted by Herefordshire Council noted as: 162125Mallards Barn Netherton Ross – on – Wye
15.2 To consider appointing parish councillor to speak at planning committee meeting regarding planning application 161859 Land West of Larksmead.
It was RESOLVED: not to appoint a Cllr to speak at the planning committee meeting concerning the application 161859 Land West of Larksmead

16. Neighbourhood Development Plan

16.1To receive a report on the NDP meeting held on 20/09/2016
The Clerk reported that Kirkwells were currently putting together a report from the NDP meeting on 20/09/2016 which is to be distributed to those who attended the NDP meeting by the clerk
16.2 To consider methods of communication relating to the NDP
Discussion took place regarding NDP information, meetings etc.
It was RESOLVED: that information on the NDP would go on the website and agendas for meetings would be placed on the noticeboards and website, Cllr J Sherahilo would email meeting date for NDP meetings those that were on the parish mailing list. Clerk would put together an NDP flyer for the NDP working group to distribute before the next NDP meeting.

17. Finance

17.1To note bank balance
Bank balance noted as £9172.21
17.2To receive a budget report Noted
17.3To consider invoices for payments
It was RESOLVED to pay:
Terry Griffiths footpaths work (P3) £300.00 invoive1801
Terry Griffiths L/Man work July & August £332.40 invoice 1777 & £452.40 invoice 1806
The Sign shop £174.60 (cycle signage)
Clerk reimbursement of postage 17.84
Clerks mileage May – Sept £63.90
Clerk reimbursement for printing costs £ 46.00
Kirkwells invoice £1,320.00
17.4To note Bacs remittance HMRC VAT reclaim £816.48 Noted

18. Parish Phone Box

18.1To receive an update on defibrillator
Cllr J Sherahilo,
The West Midlands Ambulance Service will provide a free training session if we can arrange the Village Hall. They have offered, if we buy and site the Cabinet in the phone box they will donate the Defibrillator to the Community – it then becomes the Communities Defibrillator. The box is then assigned a number by Ambulance Control. Then if anyone local dials 999 for a Cardiac Arrest the caller is told the code to open the lock on the Cabinet.
There will be a keypad coded lock for security. Class 2 Electrics will be added as required by BT and the cabinet provider will supply a Declaration of conformity
The cabinet is heated as the defib pads are water based and need to be kept above freezing.
Cabinet Cost (discounted through WMAS from £597.95) now £525 + Vat, Class 2 electrics £40 + Vat. Includes delivery.
Local Electrician can install and the cost of this is being looked into.
The defib will perform self-checks at regular intervals so no running costs but need to refer to the manufacturer if an error code is displayed.
The battery should last for 3 years and pads for 12 months. The unit is supplied with spare pads. Oliver Marshall (Oak House) has offered their handy man to rub down and paint the box thanks to him. We are sourcing the correct paint

19. Correspondence

19.1To note correspondence received since last meeting
19.2To note and book HALC training as required
Cllr I Peabody Planning & Community action training 3/12/2016

20.To consider items for next agenda (no discussion)

21. To note date of next Parish Council Meeting as Tuesday 22nd November 2016 at 7.30pm noted

22.To pass a resolution to exclude the public and press due to a confidential Employment matter to be discussed

A resolution was passed to exclude the public and press due to the confidential matter to be discussed