Minutes 25th August 2015

Minutes of Brampton Abbotts & Foy Group Parish Council

Tuesday 25 th August 2015 at 7.30pm at Brampton Abbotts Village Hall

Present ; Chairman Cllr R Lewis, Cllr D Uzzell, Cllr I Pebody, Cllr J Sherahilo, Cllr D Teague Cllr Gething – Lewis

In attendance: Anne Hall Parish Clerk, Ward Cllr B Durkin, Kath Greenow, Terry Griffiths (Parish Lengthsman) & 4 parishioners

1. Apologies for absence.

Cllr V Coker

2. Open discussion for local residents to raise local issues.

Parishioner informed the PC about the ownership of the abandon vehicle parked at the village hall and that the owner of the vehicle had left the parish today and would no be returning.

Parishioners thanked the PC for the verge cutting that had been carried out in the parish by E.C Drummond

3. Declaration of interest /Dispensation requests

3.1 To receive any declaration of Councillor’s interests in matters to be discussed

Cllr Teague declared an interest on agenda item 12 Planning- planning application 151299 Land West of Larksmead, Church Road, Brampton

3.2 To consider any requests for dispensation

No requests made

4. To agree and sign the Minutes of the meetings held on Tuesday 12 th May, 2015.

It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes of The Annual Group Parish Council Meeting held on 12 th May 2015 as a true record of the meeting .

5. Appointment of new clerk.

It was RESOLVED to appoint Mrs Kath Greenow as the clerk to the Group Parish Council .

A vote of thanks was given by the Chairman to the out going Clerk Ann Hall

6. Matters arising from the minutes .

6.1 Organised Rides through the village. Taking place on 7/09/2015 organised by Andy Cook of Delotte- PC had meet with Andy Cook and raised concerned with regard to health and safety issues of the event that would becoming through the village .The Clerk and Ward Cllr advised that as this was not an event organised by the PC and that the PC should not become involved in it.

It was up to the Delotte group to undertake the necessary risk assessments etc to ensure the safety of its riders and the route that they would be taking though the village.

6.2 Commemorative Bench. Anne Hall reported that the locality officer had advised that Fiona Miles of Balfour Beatty needed to approve the siting of the bench. New clerk to chase up and report back at next meeting

6.3 Signage for Hole-in-the-Wall. Anne Hall reported that the locality steward had given approval and she had ordered the bench today and that, Terry Griffiths would erect the sign

6.4 Brampton Abbotts BT adopt-a-kiosk . The phone box contract has been signed by BT and returned to PC long with a poster that needs to be placed on the phone box to inform parishioners that the PC own the phone box. The phone box has been added to the PC insurance policy. Proposals for Ideas as to the use of the phone box as an agenda item next meeting

6.5 Noticeboard – Foy West.-No further progress. An addressed is required of the person attending to the notice board to enable the Clerk to write to him.

6.6 HALC training session for the PC. Clerk to contact Lynda Wilcox to request some dates for an in house training session for the PC .Topics to be covered, Code of conduct & planning

6.7Dementia Workshop. Cllr Sherahilo informed Cllrs that an email had been sent to parishioners concerning a dementia evening those interested had been directed to the parish website. No further action

7. Reports.

7.1 Highway matters on information sheet:

Issue in front of Clouds Harrow,

Cllr B Durkin reported on the issue at Cloud Harrow concerning the concerted area that had been laid down. Cllr Durkin to take forward the PC’s concerns with Balfour Beatty Officer Andy Bing and advise PC.

Abandoned car at Wellmead,

The abandon car has been moved onto the village hall car park .The fly tipping team at Herefordshire Council are aware of the matter. Cllr Durkin to chase up and inform the PC

Maintenance of Road Verges ,

It was noted that there had been no verge cutting undertaken by Balfour Beatty .Cllr Durkin would chase up and advise PC. It was also advised that the clerk contact Cllr Paul Rone cabinet Member of highways to advise him of the matter concerning verge cutting in the parishes

Ipsos MORI survey re local transport and highways – No further action required

Emptying of public waste bins .

Information from Balfour Beatty – noted

Parish waste bins – church area & bus shelter. A volunteer had been emptying the bin near the church, and they were happy to continue. The Chairman would speak to the parishioner to ask if they would empty the bin at the bus shelter and if they would be happy to maintain the bus shelter.

Bus shelter near the primary school

The chairman would contact the care taker of the Oak House Nursery School to see if they would empty the bin on a regular basis.

Waste bin at Foy- swing bridge area. A new replacement bin had been put in place, which ad been kindly donated by a parishioner.

7.2 Herefordshire Council – Cllr. Durkin to include Budget Pressure.

Cllr Durkin’s report had been circulated to Cllrs and which was noted:

Ward Cllrs report

Bus services in Herefordshire

Two Herefordshire bus companies have stepped in to ensure the continuation of services to passengers once First Midland cease operations in the county in September. Yeoman’s Canyon Travel will be providing Hereford area services both commercial and subsidised at similar times to the existing First journeys and DRM will be covering journeys on service 420 Hereford – Bromyard – Worcester. First Midland currently operates the majority of commercial services in Hereford urban area comprising the following services: 71 Credenhill, 72 Bobblestock,74 Newton Farm, 75 Belmont –Tupsley,78,79,79A,88,88AHinton, Putson, Redhill, Saxon Gate, Rotherwas. It also operates a council contract which includes the following services: 426 Bodenham, 437/477 Tillington, 446 Eardisley/Almeley, 453/454 Fownhope/Woolhope.

Child MMR vaccination

Herefordshire Council’s public health team is urging all parents and carers to ensure their children are

correctly vaccinated against MMR. The team is concerned by the latest MMR uptake figures, which show that one in ten children have not received their first MMR dose in Herefordshire, while two in ten have not had their second dose, leaving them vulnerable to serious disease. MMR is the combined vaccine that protects against measles, mumps and rubella. In order to ensure good protection against these three serious diseases, children need to receive the required two doses. The first injection is usually offered within a month of their first birthday while the second is normally before they start school, usually between three and five years of age.

Rogue traders

Trading standards authorities across the Midlands are working with the home security industry to stamp out rogue traders.

Over the last few years, a number of rogue traders supplying burglar alarms and other home security

devices have been prosecuted and in some cases imprisoned. In the last 12 months central England trading standards has received 116 complaints relating to burglar alarms, with a total loss to consumers of £92,296.However, it is feared that the actual number of incidents is far higher than this.

Trading standards is now looking to engage with the many legitimate home security suppliers, to drive out these rogue traders

Wellbeing Innovation Fund

Herefordshire Council is inviting bids for grant funding from the county’s voluntary and community sector, to pay for exciting and creative projects that can improve people’s lives.

End of May Corporate Performance and Budget Report 2015/16

The projected outturn based on spend to the end of May 2015 is an overspend of £0.6m, 0.4% of net budget The overspend is in the context of having to achieve significant savings, £10m in 2015/16 on top of £15mdelivered in 2014/15. It is anticipated that management action will reduce the overspend during the year. The risk of non-achievement can be mitigated by using reserves set-aside for overall risk mitigation and the corporate contingency to bring overall spending within budget at the year-end. The projected overspend is due to additional placements and continued reliability on agency staff to fill social work posts that were planned to be reduced in children’s safeguarding. Moving forward continued efficiencies and service redesign will become harder to deliver. Savings plans are currently being reviewed to meet projected savings

required up to 2019/20. As part of this the realism of reductions already set out will be reconsidered,

particularly in children’s safeguarding.

Report it

Please note that Herefordshire Council strongly encourages Balfour Beatty to promote all service requests and queries should be logged via the HC website at

https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/report-it or called through to the call handling team on 01432 261800.Please encourage individuals to use the website or call the customer services call handling team. For any PROW (Public Rights of Way) problems, you can report these via the following link on the Herefordshire Council’s website:


7.3 PGL Representative’s report. PGL rep reported that “Slow Down” signs would be erected on private property.

7.4 Lengthsman’s Report. The Parish Lengthsman (Terry Griffiths) gave a verbal report to the pc.

Regular maintenance had been scaled down at present. 1 maintenance day required

It was RESOLVED that 1 days maintenance is carried out .

At present the strimming of splays, road junctions and on bends would be carried out when required. Terry asked for a list of PC assets e.g noticeboards as he was able to maintain these under the lengthsman scheme. Clerk to provide Terry with the asset register list.

Hole in the wall -Cattle grid drain needs attending to along with some ditching work required.

Surface water running onto the Parish roads. Water is coming down through the valley and onto the Parish Roads. PC have been advised by the Land Drainage Officer at Herefordshire Council that it is the Landowners’ responsibility to prevent any water from flooding the road. Cllr has spoken to the landowner concerned who has verbally given his permission for the PC to attend to which consist of replacing a 2mtr pipe on the landowners land. The clerk to contact the landowner and ask for his permission in writing before any work is undertaken by the PC. The clerk also advised that advice should be sought from the locality officer on this matter.

Ditch leading to swing bridge at Foy needs cleaning out.

Balfour Beatty info riparian ditches info – noted

1 st quarter claim of grant for Lengthsman scheme has been submitted to Herefordshire Council

7.5 Church Regeneration Report. Nothing to report

7.6 Dementia Friends Champion. Nothing to report

8. Matters raised for consideration .

8.1 Planning Application Procedures – possible training session.

It was RESOLVED: That the clerk looks at the document prepared by Cllr Teague and report back at next meeting

8.2 Publicising PC minutes/website. DEFERRED to next meeting

8.3 Community Governance Review. DEFERRED to next meeting

8.4 Auto Enrolment for Clerk.- Pension regulator enrolment requirement has been attended to and Cllr Teague is the contact person

9. CLP/Implementation Group. Deferred

10. P3 Scheme ( Footpaths officer report ). DEFERRED.

A report had been emailed to Cllrs previously Footpaths officer to liaise with the clerk re P3.

11. Neighbourhood Development Plan / Core Strategy

It was RESOLVED that the Clerk liaise with Cllr Teague concerning the NDP

12. Planning.

To note planning applications commented on since last meeting

151035 – 4 Willowbrook, Greytree, Ross-on-Wye HR9 7JS

Proposed additional off road parking and change of use of land to residential curtilage.

151299 – Land West of Larksmead, Church Road, Brampton

Proposed new dwelling.

151365 – Underhill Farm, Foy, Ross-on-Wye HR9 6RD

Erection of free range egg laying unit with associated feedbins and hard standings.

151290 – Barn building at Hill of Eaton, Brampton Abbotts, Ross-on-Wye

Proposed use of the building as a single dwelling house and minor external alterations.

151603 – Gate House, Foy, Ross-on-Wye HR9 7JW

Proposed redevelopment and alterations to form new residential dwelling.

152056 – Land at Brook Road, Overross Industrial Estate, Ross-on-Wye

Proposed B1 light industrial building.

152359 – Former Activity Barn, Hole-in-the-Wall, Foy

Proposed change of use and conversion of former activity barn to form live/work unit.

It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk respond to the application as directed by the PC

Second glamping site without planning permission.

It was RESOLVED that: the landowner is contacted to seek clarification as to whether planning application had been applied for.

13. Finance.

13.1 Bank Account Balance notes as: £4151.34 (18/08/2015)

13.2 Receipts since last meeting (July 2015) none

13.3 Payments

It was RESOLVED to pay:

T Griffiths (Lengthsman) £330.00

Enviroability Invoices 1687, 1686, 1688& 1798 (P3 scheme) £545.00

Brampton Abbotts village Hall (room hire Aug 2015- Aug 2015) £93.75

Brampton Abbotts PCC donation £200.00

Foy PCC donation £200.00

HMRC PAYE £50.00

A Hall Salary & expenses £21.56

13.4 Precept consideration. Deferred to next meeting

14. Correspondence

Information sheet noted as:

Shire Planning notice board request. Noted no further action

Mayor of Ross-on-Wye – Chairman’s invite to the Annual Civic Service – 20 September 2015 noted

15. Matters rose for next meeting

Co option of parish councillor(s)

16. Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Notes as: Tuesday 24 th November, 2015 at 7.30 pm at Brampton Abbotts Village Hall.

Extra Ordinary Meeting of Brampton Abbotts Group Parish Council Meeting to be held on Wednesday 23 rd September 2015 at 7.30pm at Brampton Abbotts Village Hall.