Minutes 24th January 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Council
On Tuesday 24th January 2017
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Chairman Cllr R Lewis, Cllr V Coker, Cllr O Marshall, Cllr I Pebody, Cllr D Teague, Cllr G Watts.

In attendance:, Ward Cllr B Durkin, Footpaths officer (Foy) Brenda Pomfret, Acting Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm,1 Parishioner.

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr J Sherahilo; Cllr T Orton; Cllr P Plumley

2. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: None

3. Minutes of meetings

3.1 Extraordinary Meeting of the Group Parish Council 2nd November 2016 – The minutes were presented at the meeting and it was agreed to DEFER this item to next meeting when Councillors will have had time to reivew.
3.2 Meeting of the Group Parish Council on 22nd November 2016 – It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting
3.3 Extraordinary Meeting of the Group Parish Council 4th January 2017 – It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting
3.4 Confidential Minutes of the meeting of 4th January 2017 – It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting

4. Open Session. – Matters covered in item 6.

5. Reports:
Ward Cllr Durkin gave an update on HCC matters.

6. Lengthsman / P3 Scheme.
Clerk presented summary of expenditure against budget for both schemes. Lengthsman budget now exhausted and P3 scheme now has £525 remaining. Clerk to confirm this with Lengthsman.
Agreed to draw up a programme of work remining for the P3 Scheme. Footpath officers Brenda Pomfret and Sue Powell to be contacted by Clerk.
Clerk confirmed that full grant request had been submitted for financial year 2017/18.
It was noted that Cllr Gething-Lewis had asked that the matter of dangerous footbridge on PROW FY8 to attention of Ward Cllr Durkin. The landowner Mr R Williams has said he is seeking legal advice on the responsibility for the repair. Clerk to seek a further update from Locality Steward.
It was noted that blocked drain caused by tree roots at Ross Road is the responsibility of Ross Town Council and the matter is understood to be in hand with BBL.
A new bench acquired for Hole-in-the-Wall requires secure installation. Lengthsman may be asked to quote for this if necessary. Cllr Pebody to advise Clerk.
Lengthsman to be asked to quote for setting up new noticeboard at Foy – beside Church. Clerk to contact him.

7. Road defects / Highways issues
Pothole on Netherton Lane to be discussed with Locality Steward.
Ross Road dangerous road – discussion took place on how to address the issues as highlighted by Highways response to recent planning applications. Locality Steward had pointed out need to keep hedges cut. Cllr Marshall (owner) confirmed that they are cut regularly. Cllr Marshall also confirmed that parents of children at the nursery school are required to sign an agreement to drive carefully at no more than 40mph and undertook to remind parents of their obligation.
Discussion of traffic calming methods; village ‘gates’ as adopted in Bosbury and coloured road hatching as means of reminding drivers to take care.
The meeting noted letter from Ms G Smith expressing her safety concerns. Clerk to send letter of response confirming the Parish Councils’ continued efforts to seek improvements.
Flooding at Gatsford crossroad (Junction A449 and Gatsford Lane) – it was noted that road drains have been cleared, but the problem persists due to drain run-off from fields in contravention of Highways Act 1984. Clerk to contact landowners to bring the road safety issue to their attention.
Cattle Grids along the Wye at Hole In the Wall continue to flood when wet. Locality Steward to be asked to check during wet weather.
Gate at How Caple cattle grid has been recently replaced and has dangerous screws projecting that form a safety risk. It was also pointed out that there is no long-handle catch for horse riders. Locality Steward to be asked to investigate.

8. Transparency Fund
The Clerk confirmed that application forms are now to hand and she has spoken to Eyelid Productions regarding a new website.
Clerk to complete grant application forms as soon as possible
First draft website to present at March Parish Council meeting
Clerk confirmed that interim arrangements for updating current website have been agreed with Wyenet and PC pages will be amended by Clerk.

9. Training
It was noted that the Chairman had discussed scheduling some training for the Councillors from Lynda Wilcox of HALC in the Autumn.
It was RESOLVED to fund one day of CiLCA training for Clerk at a cost of £100.

10. Planning
A general discussion took place on the recent Planning applications. It was noted that Welsh Water had stated they could not support additional homes before 2020, though this was inconsistent between applications.

11. Neighbourhood Development Plan
Cllr Teague reported that a Steering Group had met on 23rd January. The Group now has 5 Cllr members and two non-Council members and it was unanimously agreed that Cllr Teague will Chair the group and another member of the Parish Council to chair if he is not available. The terms of reference for the group had been agreed as:
To work with Kirkwells to prepare and present a Neighbourhood Development Plan for consultation with our Parish.
Cllr Teague gave a brief overview of activities and advised that the aim is to have a new draft for consultation with the Parish in time for May Parish meeting.
Extension for NDP grant has been applied but will still require further application for next financial year. Action Clerk.

12. Finance

12.1 Bank balance noted at £6,949.77 at 14th December ‘16
12.2 Budget 2017/18 – discussion of estimates presented by Clerk. It was noted that grant funding for Lengthsman was down 75% requiring £1,090 from Parish funds. Expenditure for NDP and Transparency should be matched by grant funding. Expenditure on Defibrillator will be incurred in 17/18 budget though funding found in earlier year, though costs are expected to be no more than the funding received.
12.3 Precept 2017/18 – Cllr Watts proposed, Cllr Coker seconded and it was unanimously RESOLVED to submit a request for Precept of £6,500. It was noted that this would add approximately £5 to the annual Band D Council Tax.
12.4 It was RESOLVED to pay

• HALC £39.99 for reference book purchase
• Cornwall Carpenters £250 for new noticeboard at Foy
• Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman £988.80 for work on road in June £452.40, P3 in June £78.0 and roads in January ’17 £458.40

Invoice from HALC for meeting administration to be adjusted by credit note and presented for payment at March meeting.
It was RESOLVED to add additional cheque signatories to the Parish account, and Cllr Watts, Cllr Pebody & Cllr Coker volunteered. Clerk to provide paperwork for completion at March meeting.

13. Parish Phone Box
Cllr Marshall updated the meeting on work being commissioned to prepare the box. Costs being kept to within funding raised.

14. Correspondence
Covered under item 7

15 Items for next agenda (no discussion)

18. To note date of next Parish Council Meeting
Next Meeting Tuesday 28th March 2017 at 07:30pm
Extraordinary meeting called for Tuesday 31st January 2017 to discuss employment matters.
Ordinary meetings for the rest of the year: May 23rd; July 25th; September 26th; November 28th, January 23rd 2018. (Continuing as 4th Tuesday in every second month.)
It was agreed that AGM in May should also plan to combine an NDP presentation.
The meeting closed at 21:30