Mins of May meeting

D R A F T ANNUAL Minutes of the meeting of the Council
On Tuesday 22nd May 2017
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall at 19:30

1. Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 04 Jan 17 Final

Present: Cllr R Lewis, Cllr D Teague, Cllr V Coker,Cllr I Pebody, Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr J Sherahilo, Cllr P Plumley; Cllr G Watts
In attendance: Ward Cllr B Durkin; Footpaths officer (Foy) Brenda Pomfret; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm; 3 Parishioners.
1. Election of Chairman: Cllr Lewis was proposed by Cllr Teague, seconded by Cllr Gething-Lewis and unanimously agreed.
2. Election of Vice Chairman: Cllr Teague was proposed by Cllr Gething-Lewis, seconded by Cllr Sherahilo and unanimously agreed.
3. Apologies for absence: Cllr T Orton; Cllr O Marshall
4. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: Cllr Lewis declared a pecuniary interest in items 11.1.
5. Co-option of members to fill vacancies: None.
6. Minutes of meetings
6.1 Meeting of the Group Parish Council on 28th March 2017 –– It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting
6.2 Extraordinary Meeting of the Group Parish Council on 25th April 2017. – It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting
7. Open Session.
8. Lengthsman/P3 Scheme
8.1 Annual contract for BBL Partnership Scheme 2017/18 was presented. It is the same as previous years. The contract was signed on behalf of the Council by the Chairman.
8.2 Maintenance issues were identified as the repair to grip on Hole-in-the-Wall to How Caple lane as identified by Cllr Gething-Lewis and clearance to prevent flooding at Gatsford Lane near junction with A449. Other work to be scheduled and reviewed.
9. Footpaths
9.1 It was noted that FO Brenda Pomfret had supplied a schedule of works for the Foy footpaths and that Enviroability would be contacted to undertake early summer clearance as soon as possible.
9.2 Landowner for FY8 footbridge had responded to letter to accept offer of contribution to repair costs and advised work in hand. Progress to be considered at next meeting.
9.3 Agreed to use early NDP files if available to identify local landowners and prepare a letter to all welcoming their support in keeping footpaths in good repair and further to encourage Parishioners to take part in PROW maintenance.

10. Road defects / Highways issues
10.1 Locality Steward had advised that he had inspected cattle grids at Foy and Hole in the Wall and raised defect orders for clearance which may take up to 2 months. Fencing at these locations found to be adequate to function.
No ‘actionable defects’ found at Netherton lane at 16/05/17.
Clerk to clarify that Footbridge over River Wye at FY6 needs cleaning and repainting to avoid further and more expensive deterioration.
10.2 Clerk advised that all Parishioners are encouraged to report faults of all types for roads and footpaths online. Information on route to be provided by email and on website.
10.3 Gatsford Crossroads. Three issues were identified
• Speeding traffic on A449
• Poor visibility
• Flooding and silt build-up.
Clerk has contacted West Mercia Police regarding action available to reduce speeding at this junction and junction at Oak House Nursery.
Requirement to extend verge cutting was reported online and appears to have been undertaken
Clerk to discuss with Ward Cllr Durkin action and progress regarding flooding/silt issues.
If appropriate a letter to the MP to follow up.
10.4 Verge cutting – Cllr Gething-Lewis commented that BBL had promised that cutting would commence on 15th May each year and again in early September. At meeting date no verge cutting had taken place.
10.5 Cllr Gething-Lewis to provide details of the Deloittes Bike ride in September to enable letters to Police and organisers to ensure safety measures taken.

11. Planning
11.1 New applications
Cllr Robert Lewis left the meeting.
171296 The Byres, Townsend Farm. Proposed single storey extension. Following discussion it was unanimously agreed to advise no objection to this application.
Cllr Lewis re-joined the meeting.
11.2 Permissions since last meeting:
170705 Underhill Farm, Foy – Agricultural building – noted as approved, normal 3 year term for commencement.
153437 Turners Lane, 4 Dwellings – it was noted that this approved application had now lapsed.

12. Neighbourhood Development Plan
Cllr Teague reported on continued work by the Steering Committee

13. Finance
13.1 It was noted that the last bank statement to end April ’17 showed balance of £6772.60.
13.2 It was RESOLVED to agree and sign internally audited accounts 2016/17
13.3 It was RESOLVED to agree and sign annual accounting statement 2016/17
13.4 It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the annual governance statement 2016/17
13.5 It was RESOLVED to pay invoice: Clerk salary 8 weeks £364.80, Mileage £20.25, Postage £5.57, Printing general £8.32, Printing NDP £2.84 (Total £401.78)
13.6 It was noted that first half Precept payment of £3,250 had been received
13.7 It was noted that Transparency Funding of £1,236.42 had been received for web development, training, dedicated computer and scanner.
13.8 It was noted that Internal Audit had been arranged at £50.