Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 24th October 2017

Minutes of the Extraordinary meeting of the Council
On Tuesday 24th October 2017
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall at 20:30

Present: Chairman Cllr R Lewis; Vice Chairman Cllr D Teague; Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr O Marshall; Cllr I Pebody; Cllr J Sherahilo; Cllr G Watts; Cllr J Scudamore.
In attendance: Ward Cllr B Durkin; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm; 17 Parishioners.
1) Apologies for absence: Cllr P Plumley
2) Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: Cllr O Marshall declared a pecuniary interest in Item 5.a and Cllr J Scudamore declared a non pecuniary interest in item 5.a.
3) Minutes of meetings: It was RESOLVED unanimously to agree and sign the minutes of the meeting of 26th September 2017 as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
4) Open Session. Views of Local Residents – none (Planning comments invited with application discussion)

Cllr Marshall left the room

5) Planning applications received
a. 163755 – Land south of Church Road, Construction of 10 residential dwellings, 10 car ports and 2 garages. (amendment to proposal)
Statements were heard from 9 parishioners and following discussion by the Parish Council it as RESOLVED by 6 votes & one abstention to object to the application. Comments attached as appendix A.

Cllr Marshall returned to the room.

b. 173447 Hill of Eaton, Foy – agricultural storage building
Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to accept the application with no comments.

6) Chairman’s Announcements: None

7) Next ordinary meeting confirmed as 28th November 2017 at 07:30pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:15

Application 163755 Land South of Church Road, Brampton Abbotts. Construction of 10 residential dwellings, 10 car ports and 2 garages and associated works.
Following extensive discussion of this amended application at an Extraordinary meeting on 24th October ’17 the Parish Council resolved to OBJECT to this application.
Detailed comments dated 9th January ‘17 were submitted following the first submission of this application (attached). These continue substantially valid as there is disappointingly little change in this amended application from the original; the two being a reduction of one access point (to two) and some small additional landscaping/planting. We note that some reports that were missing in the initial application are now included but there is still no traffic survey or information on visibility at the access points.
The proposal remains overbearing in nature, with 10 houses in estate style and unlike anything else in the parish. Unsuited to an AONB. This is disproportionate development and not in the linear style of the rest of the parish.
The Landscape Appraisal document now submitted only gives a brief detail on the visual impact both generally and in particular the local footpaths. There is comment at paragraph 1.6.4 on the applicant owning the footpath on the southern boundary which we do not understand.
The houses to the north facing Church Road are a row of houses of same design, with variation in cladding only. This is not the style of the parish which enjoys a varied style of housing.
There is confusion and inaccuracy between application form and Design & Access statement as to the number of bedrooms planned across the 10 houses. This is not acceptable and indicates that the plans presented may not be correct.
It is noted that the amended proposal now only shows 2 access points (reduced from 3), however there is no information on visibility splay and these are on a junction with a busy single lane road. Additionally the entrances to the proposed development are opposite existing homes who will suffer from light and noise intrusion.
Great concern has been expressed at the likely increase in traffic generated by such a large development and no traffic survey has been submitted. Parking for 30 cars is provided in the plans which represents a substantial increase in vehicle movements. The lane already suffers severe congestion at key times of day when Oak House Nursery receives and delivers their clients’ children at a junction that has poor visibility.
It is noted that a Surface Water Drainage statement has been submitted with recommendation for water run-off to be connected to the existing drainage system on Ross Road. Parishioners are extremely concerned as houses along the Ross Road have suffered flooding as a result of failure in the existing service. It is understood the pipework diameter reduces in places from 9” to 6” and back to 9”. The additional load from this scheme will exacerbate this problem.
It is noted that the applicant intends to connect to the mains sewerage system though it has been stated by Welsh Water that the current service is not capable of receiving further connections.
Our previous letter of objection is also enclosed together with the letter of concern from the Parish Lengthsman. We have not repeated a lot of the detail in it here. It is therefore important that both are considered carefully in conjunction with this representation.