Minutes 28th March 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Council
On Tuesday 28th March 2017
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Acting Chairman Cllr D Teague, Cllr V Coker, Cllr O Marshall, Cllr I Pebody, Cllr C Gething-Lewis (departed at 21:00); Cllr J Sherahilo, Cllr P Plumley

In attendance: Ward Cllr B Durkin; Footpaths officer (Foy) Brenda Pomfret; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm; 10 Parishioners.

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr R Lewis; Cllr T Orton; Cllr G Watts

2. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: Cllr Marshall declared an interest in items 8.3 and 8.4

3. Minutes of meetings

3.1 Extraordinary Meeting of the Group Parish Council 2nd November 2016 –– It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting
3.2 Meeting of the Group Parish Council on 24th January 2017. – It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting
3.3 Confidential Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of the Group Parish Council 31st January 2017. – It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting

4. Open Session.

4.1 Ward Cllr Barry Durkin referred all to his regular monthly email updates
– It was commented that the Parish Council website is very out of date. Clerk advised that action to in hand to improve.
– Community Plan was brought to notice of the meeting as a useful reference for the further development of NDP
– (Comments with reference to item 8.4 are included below, during which time Cllr Marshall left the room.)

5. Road defects / Highways issues

5.1 Flooding at Gatsford crossroads communication with Mr Williams of Gatsford Farm regarding drainage onto the main road was noted. Ward Cllr Durkin undertook to take the matter further. It was agreed that traffic speed increases the danger and the Clerk was asked to investigate speed control options. It was RESOLVED to write to bring the matter to the attention of the MP.
5.2 Surface water at Oak House Junction – It was confirmed that action had been taken to redirect roof run-off water away from the road.
5.3 Cattle Grids at Foy – details of concerns in this area were listed as follows:

• Grid at Hole in the Wall: railings left and right of the grid need repair to prevent animals passing. The drain from grid into cutting into river remains blocked and needs clearing.
• Grid at How Caple: Only half cleaned and requires thorough clear out. Stock proofing fence damaged over a year ago when installing a new grid girder, has not replaced.

Clerk to contact Locality Steward.
5.4 It was noted that the Foy river bridge is deteriorating and action should be taken soon.
5.5 Concern was raised on continued increase in Potholes around the village.

6. Lengthsman / P3 Scheme

6.1 It was noted that £1,771 had been received from Hereford Council against grant for Lengthsman/P3 scheme in year 2016/17. The Clerk will submit a further small claim for amounts incurred during March.
6.2 It was noted that the Annual Scheme form had been submitted to BBL for the year 2017/18
6.3 Footbridge at footpath FY8 – it was unanimously RESOLVED to seek a cooperative route with landowner, Mr Williams to secure repair of the footbridge. Clerk to write to Mr Williams seeking clarification on steps necessary for repair, with an offer of up to £50 towards materials cost for work to be completed by Mr Williams provided it is completed within an agreed time scale, settled at 2 months.
6.4 It was noted that a new noticeboard has now been erected at Foy Church side.
6.5 Grip near Hole in the Wall needs to be filled in as it is a danger to cars. Clerk to ask Lengthsman to contact Cllr Gething-Lewis who can identify location.

7. Footpaths

7.1 Progress on Foothpath Officers’ list – the Clerk provided a copy of schedule from Lenthsman showing work undertaken.
7.2 Blocked Footpaths: it was noted that the following footpaths are blocked-

• BA23 – Rape field path overgrown
• BA25 – requires reinstatement
• FY9 – requires reinstatement
• BA1 – requires sign posting from Church Road and reinstatement
• BA8 – Overton to Gatsford Lane requires reinstatement

It was unanimously RESOLVED to write to all landowners in general terms and seek their support in working together to improve the footpath network.
Clerk to investigate land ownership with help from Cllr Lewis, Cllr Marshall and possible information from early work on NDP.
Draft letter to be agreed with Council.
7.3 Work Plan for 2017/18 – it was agreed that Footpath Officers and Clerk would meet to draw up a general maintenance plan.

8. Planning

8.1 To consider commenting on applications received:
a. P170856 Grove House, Brampton Abbotts. Proposed single storey extension. Views of members of the Council were received and it was unanimously RESOLVED there was no objection to the application.
b. P170705/F Underhill Farm Foy Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6RD Proposed agricultural building. Views of members of the Council were received and it was unanimously RESOLVED there was no objection to the application, it was noted that the Site Notice was not visible. Clerk asked to notify Planning officer of this.
c. P170475/FH Anchor And Can Foy Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7JN Proposed roof extension over existing single storey extension and replace roof tiles. Views of members of the Council were received and it was unanimously RESOLVED there was no objection to the application.
d. P170356/F Ross Rugby Club Abbotts Close Greytree Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7QG Proposed installation of 4 nos. floodlights. Views of members of the Council were received and it was unanimously RESOLVED there was no objection to the application.
8.2 Application No 163302 Land at the Byers, Townsend Farm It was noted that application had been refused.
Cllr Oliver Marshall left the meeting in accordance with Item 2.
8.3 Applications awaiting decisions:
163755 Land South of Church Road. Construction of 10 no. residential dwellings, 10 no. car ports and 2 no. garages and associated works.
Ward Cllr Durkin reported that he had met with the developer and Planning Case Officer on site and was awaiting some revised proposals.
Cllr Teague expressed concern that such an inadequate application should appear in his email to have received the support of the Planning Officer and welcomed the news that the application has now been accepted for redirection at the Planning Committee on a date tba.
It was unanimously RESOLVED that the PC would with to make a representation at the Committee hearing and that a small working group of Cllr Sherahilo and Cllr Teague would draft this for approval.
8.4 Work on pond on land adjacent to Brampton Abbotts Village Hall.
A member of the public expressed concerns that the work which had been undertaken without planning approval would not be adequate to protect the Hall from water damage.
Further concern also expressed that the field might be made into a car park, though as designated agricultural land it may not be so used.
It was noted that Herefordshire Planning Enforcement Officer had attended and inspected the works. By letter dated 17/03/17 it was confirmed that the work was not of a nature to require planning permission.
The Planning Enforcement Officer had also confirmed that earlier ecological reports had not identified GC Newts in the location.
Cllr Sherahilo remarked that it was most helpful for members of the public to alert the Council of such matters so that they could take action to ensure proper measures had been undertaken.
Cllr Oliver Marshall rejoined the meeting.
8.5 Light Pollution – it was felt that light pollution was increasing from Overross area along the A449 Ross Spur with developments of fast food outlets and service areas.
Clerk was asked to investigate what steps are available to resolve the problem.
8.6 Delegated authority to Clerk on Planning applications between meetings.
Further consideration to be given to circumstances in which this might be appropriate but it was agreed only once new website feeds for automatic access to planning applications are in place. Cllr Sherahilo will circulate planning notifications to Parish list for now.
It was noted that two new Planning applications had been advised but not published at time of the meeting.

9. Neighbourhood Development Plan

9.1 Cllr Teague reported on continued work by the Steering Committee and advised that they have received confirmation that planning approval is required for only 2 new houses to meet the minimum allocation under the Core Strategy.
9.2 It was noted that a repayment of £1,560 unspent first stage grant to be made and immediate reapplication for next stage to be made by Clerk.

10. Finance

10.1 It was noted that the last bank statement to 7 February ’17 showed balance of £5,481.62. With commitments below the balance will be at £3107.60, in line with expectations for new financial year.
10.2 Financial summary noted
10.3 It was noted and that payment of £35 had been made to Information Comissioners Office between meetings.
10.4 It was RESOLVED to pay:

– Clerk salary 19 weeks from 22nd November £669.87
– Clerk reimbursements: Mileage £33.75, Insurance £18.99, Postage £5.30, Printing £7.72
– HMRC £222.80
– St Mary’s Foy £200.00 St Michaels Brampton Abbotts £200.00 annual donation for churchyard upkeep.
– HALC £976.59

10.5 Remittance for 2016/17 Lenthsman/P3 scheme of £1771.00 was noted.
10.6 It was noted that first 50% of Precept will be paid on 21st April 2017.

11. Transparency Fund
The Clerk confirmed that application had been made to the fund and confirmation of acceptance was awaited.
Work with Eyelid Productions will commence as soon as possible to establish new PC website.

12. Parish Magazine – the Bugle
It was RESOLVED to ask the editor to provide a web address to the new PC site when available but that the Parish Council would not be providing material for the magazine.

13. Parish phone box / defibrillator
Cllr Sherahilo and Cllr Marshall gave an update. The possibility of an annual maintenance charge for the unit to be advised if necessary. It was confirmed that work would begin on phone box and installation soon.

14. Correspondence.
Letter to Mrs Smith thanking her observations on the dangers at T-junction sent. Cllr Marshall confirmed he was investigating some possible improvements to vision at junction.

15. Items for next agenda – none

16. Meeting Dates:

16.1 Next meeting Tuesday 23rd May 2017 to combine APCM and APM
16.2 Ordinary meetings for the rest of the year: July 25th; September 26th; November 28th, January 23rd 2018. (Continuing as 4th Tuesday in every second month.)

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:20.