Minutes 26th September 2017

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting
On Tuesday 26th September 2017
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall 7.30pm

Present: Vice Chairman Cllr D Teague; Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr O Marshall; Cllr I Pebody; Cllr P Plumley; Cllr G Watts.
In attendance: Footpaths Officer-Brenda Pomfret; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm; 7 Parishioners.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Chairman Cllr R Lewis (Cllr Teague assumed Chair of the meeting) Cllr J Sherahilo. Ward Cllr B Durkin.
2. Declarations of interest: Cllr Marshall declared a pecuniary interest in item 6.b.i.
3. Council Members

a. Mr Jeremy Scudamore was proposed by Cllr Marshall and seconded by Cllr Gething-Lewis and unanimously co-opted as a Councillor.

b. Representation of Foy West was discussed and RESOLVED that Cllr Pebody and Clerk should draft some flyers and arrange distribution in the West Foy area in the hope that this will encourage Foy West residents to join the Parish Council.

4. Minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting on 12th September 2017 it was RESOLVED to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

5. Open Session

a. Ward Cllr Barry Durkin sent his apologies and the Clerk advised that the Ward Councillor’s report could be found on the Parish Website in ‘News Update’ area.
b. views of local residents on parish matters – The Council was asked if there was any formal relationship with The Bugle publication and it was confirmed there is none.

Item 12 Presentation by Church Regeneration Group was taken as the next item.

6. Planning

a. Policy on Parish Councillors presenting planning applications in which they have an interest at Parish Council meetings: it was agreed this important and sensitive topic should be discussed at a meeting when all Councillors were present. Deferred to later meeting.

Councillor Marshall left the meeting and left the room.

b. applications received:

i. 172305 Nursery School, Oak House, Brampton Abbotts – Siting of polytunnel and storage container. The public commented and Councillors discussed statement of additional information submitted by the applicant. At a vote 2 Councillors held no objection and 4 objected to the application and it was RESOLVED to continue to object to the application as the issue of scale and obtrusiveness had not been resolved.

Councillor Marshall returned to the room and re-joined the meeting.

c. The following decided applications were noted

i. 172570 Gatsford House. 1st Floor extension. Approved.
ii. 172512 Store adjoining Highfield. 4 bedroom dwelling. Refused.
iii. 172574 Gatsford House land. Outline plan for 1 dwelling. Refused
iv. 172246 The Byers, Townsend Farm. 3 Dwellings. Refused.
v. It was further noted that Application No 161859 land west of Larksmead for 1 dwelling had been approved at Appeal.

7. Neighbourhood Development Plan. Cllr Teague provided an update on activity.
8. Road defects / Highways issues. Numerous potholes were reported. The Clerk urged Parishioners to report these online at HCC website ‘Report a Pothole’.
9. Lengthsman – RESOLVED to request up to 2 days over October to December to ensure roads ready for winter. Specific issues:

• Flooding on Gatsford lane before crossroads – regular gully maintenance required
• Grip on Hole-in-the-Wall road needs to be removed/filled in.
• Drain at Foy West outside Foy Hall needs clearing.

10. Footpaths

a. RESOLVED to ask Terry Griffiths to undertake general tidy of all paths and ensure signage is visible.
b. HCC PROW office are undertaking final completion of repairs to small footbridge at FY8
c. Cllr Marshall confirmed that the new fence across the field follows the map line of BA17 more exactly than the worn footway. Style had been approved by BBL.

11. Finance

a. Schedule with bank balance to 30/08/17 of £9,822.60 with receipts/expenditure for 17/18 to date was received.

i. receipt of £1366.66 made for refund of VAT in prior financial year was noted.

b. It was RESOLVED to pay:

 Elizabeth Malcolm Clerk Salary 9 wks £410.40, Mileage £20.25, Postage £7.13, Printing £11.04
 Village Hall invoice £155 – Council and NDP meetings.

c. progress against budget for year to date was presented and noted.

d. Draft budget for 18/19 Financial year was discussed and it was agreed that the Clerk will provide a first draft to PC in week commencing 30th October for review by Councillors and amendment as necessary prior to November meeting

e. It was noted that external auditors report & certificate of accounts for 16/17 had been received and this together with Notice of Conclusion of Audit is published on the website.

f. RESOLVED to sign forms allowing Clerk’s web access to bank BA&F

12. Church Regeneration Group. Mr Tom McCarthy and Jo Pilkington, directors of BACRG (Brampton Abbotts Church Regeneration Group) (presented a Business Plan for St Michael’s Church Brampton Abbotts transformation to an Artisan Bakery with it continuing to be a place of worship. It was agreed that a copy of the Plan be made available via the BA&F website and questions arising should be brought to November meeting. Comment was made that there has been a lack of information made available to the Parish to date and that hopefully this will improve. Further agreed that the Council would invite the regular reports from BARG. The Chairman thanked the presenters.

13. Parish Phone Box Cllr Marshall confirmed the unit is stored at Oak House. Glass repairs in progress, will be followed by repainting and commissioning. Training needs to be discussed.

14. Website – feedback on current website is sought. Agreed that more general information could be placed on the site.

15. Correspondence None.
16. Items for next agenda (no discussion)

a. To consider Light Pollution concerns from Overross.
b. to consider contact to all landowners regarding PROW maintenance
c. No further items offered at this meeting.

17. Meeting Dates:

a) Discussion on implementing monthly PC meetings in 2018 was RESOLVED that Councillors be asked to note the 4th Tuesday in each month and these to be first reserve to PC with Hall Bookings manager. It was noted that the extra meetings that have been required over the last year related to planning applications. If it is found that the extra meetings are not required they will be cancelled Confirmed meetings to be every other month, Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep, Nov as now.
b) Date of next ordinary Parish Council Meeting 28th November 2017
c) It was noted that a reservation has been made for room at Village Hall on 24th October ’17 should it be required for a PC / other meeting (Cllr Plumley will not be available).
Dates for ordinary Parish Council meetings 2017: November 28th. January 23rd 2018. (Continuing on 4th Tuesday of month.)