Minutes 26th March 2019

Minutes of a meeting of the Council
On Tuesday 26th March 2019
At Upton Bishop Millennium Hall at 19:30

Present: Cllr R Lewis, Chairman; Cllr D Teague Vice Chairman; Cllr O Marshall; Cllr J Sherahilo; Cllr G Watts; Cllr E Evans; Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr J Scudamore; Cllr I Pebody

In attendance Ward Cllr B Durkin; 8 Parishioners; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm.

1) Apologies for absence: Cllr R Powell

2) Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: Cllr O Marshall declared a pecuniary interest in item 10.b, Cllr Lewis and Cllr Watts declared a pecuniary interest in item 10.

3) Minutes of meetings: It was RESOLVED unanimously to agree and sign the minutes of the meeting of 22nd January 2019, and the minutes of an extraordinary meeting on 5th February 2019 as a true and accurate record of the meeting

4) Open Session.

a) Ward Cllr Durkin provided a verbal update based on his monthly report for February 2019 (available to read on the website).
b) Members of the public raised the following: Cllr Marshall advised the meeting that Oak House Nursery School has sought pre-application advice from the HCC Planning Department for establishing a car park on land opposite the School and has also written to the owner of the land adjacent to the school to discuss the same.
c) BACRG – Cllr Marshall advised that pre-application advice from HCC had been applied for to obtain change of use for the Church. Repair works are nearly complete and an event is planned to celebrate this which will be open to Parishioners.

5) Planning

a) Current applications

i) 190044 Gatsford House, Gatesford – erection of a 3 bay garage and log store (retrospective). Following discussion it was RESOLVED by majority (7 against, 2 in favour) to object to the application with the following comments:
• This is a large building, both high and covering a large floor space.
• It is placed adjacent to the road at the crossroads of Gatsford Lane and B449 and is therefore visible from all directions.
• Being taller than the hedge it is not well screened.
• This building is some distance from the house and believed to be in addition to a garage located more appropriately close to the house.
• Overall it is overbearing and dominant in design and appearance in a very visible location.
• It is also within the boundary of the AONB which lends further objection to the dominance of this building in an inappropriate site.
Whilst of the belief that the building should not be permitted to remain, the Parish Council asks that should the Planning Office be minded to approve the application there should be a requirement that the hedge be maintained at the same or higher height and that no change of use be permitted.
ii) 190159 Clouds Harrow Flat, Clous Harrow, Brampton Abbotts – proposed conservatory. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection to this application
iii) 190334 No 1 The Grove, Brampton Abbotts – proposed 2 storey extension. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection to this application
iv) 190790 Tamerisk, 3 The Grove, Brampton Abbotts – proposed extension and alterations. . Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection to this application

6) Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Teague reported that the consultation period for Regulation 14 was now complete and a review of comments is being undertaken. Upon completion of review they will be published.

7) Road defects/ Highways issues

Cllr Marshall left the room

a) Parking restrictions at Oak House Nursery – Cllr Scudamore reported that the revised proposals submitted by ADL had been discussed with BBL. The reduced road markings offered were discussed and it was RESOLVED unanimously that the markings requested in response of February 2019 including improved road markings and signage should be obtained.

Cllr Marshall returned to the room

b) Working group for action on speeding – Cllr Scudamore reported that BBL have recommended a 30 mile per hour speed restriction on a section of Ross Road and along Church Lane. No action is currently recommended for Gatsford Road. It was RESOLVED unanimously to support the application for TRO for 30mph at the sections proposed and it was further RESOLVED to continue to seek to obtain TRO for 30mph restriction on Gatsford Road.
The Chairman thanked Cllr Scudamore and the roads working group for their hard work and congratulated them on this result.

c) Road defects / highways issues – None reported.

8) Lengthsman –Terry Griffiths reported on work undertaken. Plastic bottles are noted as blocking a drainage pipe on Ross Road and ditch by Oak House Nursery will need attention. His team had reclipped the loose bars on cattle grid at Hole-in-the-Wall to make it safe, but it will need a clean out to avoid flooding. Clerk to contact BBL. He expressed concern at drainage arrangements from pond at Gatsford Road/A449 crossroads which now sends water across the main road.
It was confirmed to Mr Griffiths that his services as Lengthsman would be continued for the 2019/20 year.

9) Footpaths – Mr Griffiths reported on meeting with Locality Steward at footpath BA 16 by Gatsford crossroads with B449. This path has been diverted around the pond.

Cllrs Lewis and Watts left the room.

10) Village Hall – Cllr Teague assume the Chair and confirmed receipt of a revised Scope of Works with price estimates. It was confirmed that 3 architects had been approached. A working / fact finding meeting of project teams had been arranged for mid April and it was hoped that outcome of that would form basis of items at next Parish Council and Village Hall Committee meetings.

Cllrs Lewis and Watts returned to the room.

11) Finance

a) The bank balance of £11,608.27 at 28th February was noted together with receipts & expenditure for 2018/19 to date.
b) It was RESOLVED unanimously to approve the following payments: Graham Marsh, Refund NDP printing costs,£148.80; George Watts , NDP refund of costs – Posters, £66.84; Eyelid Productions Ltd, Annual website support, £100.00; HALC, Annual subscription, £446.63; Elizabeth Malcolm, Salary & Expenses, £ 565.62; Terry Griffiths Contracts, Lengthsmans Roads work Jan & Feb 19, £826.80; Kirkwells, NDP Reg 14 Consult & next draft, £1,920.00; Galebreaker Group Ltd, NDP – cost of URL alias, £28.66

12) Risk Schedule – a schedule prepared by Cllr Scudamore was presented. It was agreed to ask Councillors to review this before the Annual Parish Council Meeting in May where it will be adopted. Regular review plan to be agreed. Cllr Scudamore was thanked for his time on this project.

13) Correspondence – None

14) Meeting Dates:

a) To note that the Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm and Annual Parish Council Meeting at 7:30 for Tuesday 21st May 2019 (not 28th May) to comply with electoral timings.
b) The Parish Council were asked to hold free the 23rd April for a possible Extraordinary meeting.
c) Ordinary Parish Council meeting dates for 2019 –23rd July, 24th September, 26th November.
d) Councillors are asked to hold the following dates available for Extraordinary meetings if required: 25th June, 27th August, 22nd October.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:35