Minutes 25th September 2018

Minutes of a meeting of the Council
On Tuesday 25th September 2018
At Upton Bishop Millennium Hall at 19:30

Present: Cllr D Teague Vice Chairman; Cllr O Marshall; Cllr I Pebody; Cllr R Powell; Cllr J Scudamore; Cllr J Sherahilo; Cllr G Watts;

In attendance: Ward Councillor B Durkin; Ms S Hine, 14 Parishioners; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm.

1) Apologies for absence: Cllr R Lewis Chairman; Cllr E Evans; Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr P Plumley.

2) Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: Cllr D Teague declared a disclosable (schedule 2) interest in item 6.

3) Co-option of new Council member –Cllr Richard Powell was co-opted to the Council with unanimous support.

4) Minutes of meetings: It was RESOLVED unanimously to agree and sign the minutes and the Confidential minutes of the meeting of 24th July 2018 as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

5) Open Session.

a) Ward Councillor’s report: Ward Cllr Barry Durkin presented his monthly report
b) Views of Local Residents

• New information on proposed drainage solutions for application No:163755 were discussed.
• Balfour Beatty report on junction of Church Road and Turners Lane was discussed. Clerk to draft further submission to Planning Officer regarding inadequate drains.
• Run-off from field opposite Zubare was noted as a problem which Cllrs undertook to raise with the farmer.

6) BACRG – Project Manager, Sam Hine presented an update on the project and received questions. Q&A documents were provided and can be found on both Parish and BAcRG websites.

7) Village Hall – Cllr Teague reported on discussions with insurers, which continue. It was noted that Parishioners wished to have more information on progress and it was agreed that updates could be placed on the Parish website if provided to the Clerk.

8) Planning

a) Current planning applications:

i) 182727 The Bungalow, Church Road, Brampton Abbotts – it was RESOVLED unanimously to return no objection and no comments.

b) Applications decided

i) 182085 Land adjacent to Brampton Abbotts Village Hall – proposed residential dwelling: Approved. This was noted
ii) 182190 Mallards Barn, Netherton – 2 storey extension: Approved. This was noted.

9) Light Pollution ¬-the meeting discussed a number of locations from which light pollution is emitted and it was agreed to research the planning approvals for these buildings, contact Ross Town Council to seek support in requiring developers and owners to minimise light pollution and seek to find a Council Officer who can present on options available to the Council.

10) Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Teague provided an update. Regulation 14 draft now being finalised for consultation in 2018 and further grant funding applied for.

11) Road Defects / Highways issues

a) Road defects & highways issues for Herefordshire Council – none.
b) Response to general scrutiny committee consultation on BBL contract- a discussion took place around speed of repairs, quality of repairs and terms of BBL contract. Cllr Scudamore to draft a response.
c) Working Group on action on speeding – It was noted that information from BBL on road usage survey is not expected for 8 to 12 months. Meeting with Dave Tristram scheduled to discuss funding for gates and extra gates at Foy East & West.

12) Lengthsman– It was confirmed that Mr Griffiths would be undertaking a general roads maintenance day in early October. Cllr Pebody asked that the gully near entrance to Foy footbridge be cleared to avoid puddling.

13) Footpaths: Clerk to provide a list of sections needing tidying to the Lengthsman.

14) Risk Schedule – draft schedule presented and it was felt that it should also show degrees of risk. Cllr Scudamore to look at this.

15) Parish Phone Box / Defibrillator – Cllr Sherahilo provided an update on purchase of unit and training. The Clerk confirmed insurance cover obtained under Parish policy.

16) Finance

a) Bank balance at 31st August ’18 was noted at £10,026.42 and receipts/expenditure for year to date were noted.
b) Budget progress to date was circulated with no exceptional items
c) It was noted and unanimously RESOLVED to approve payment of WEL Medical Ltd £965.94 in accordance with minute 16 of 24/07/18.
d) Balance of £440.51 for defibrillator fund was confirmed it was unanimously RESOLVED to ring fence this sum towards the maintenance of the unit.
e) It was RESOLVED unanimously to approve: Linton Parish Council, Contribution to Clerk’s CiLCA registration – £83.33. Upton Bishop Millenium Hall, Hire for PC 25/9 & NDP 26/9 – £32.00. Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerk Salary & Exes – £ 477.53. HMRC, Tax on salary – £13.42

17) GDPR – A proposed Privacy Policy was presented and it was unanimously RESOLVED to adopt and publish this policy.

18) Correspondence – None

a) Meeting Dates: Next meeting Parish Meeting – 23rd October 2018 and 27th November 2018.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:55