Minutes 24 July 2018

Minutes of a meeting of the Council
On Tuesday 24th July 2018
At Council Chamber, Corn Exchange, Ross-on-Wye at 19:30

Present: Chairman Cllr R Lewis; Cllr E Evans; Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr J Scudamore; Cllr J Sherahilo; Cllr D Teague Vice Chairman; Cllr G Watts

In attendance: 3 Parishioners; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm.

1) Apologies for absence: Cllr O Marshall; Cllr I Pebody; Cllr P Plumley; Ward Councillor B Durkin.

2) Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: Cllr J Scudmore declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in item 8 a i.

3) Co-option of new Council member –None.

4) Minutes of meetings: With respect to the minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting of 22nd May,

• Cllr Teague wished it to be noted at Item 8, BARCG report that he had raised concerns of traffic, noise and odour and had been given a commitment to ensure no disruption to the local community.
• Cllr Marshall wished it noted that arrangements for car parking were under negotiation with the PCC.

RESOVED unanimously subject to the above to agree and sign the minutes.

It was RESOLVED unanimously to agree and sign the minutes 11th July 2018 as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

5) Open Session. The Chairman opened this session to record the death of Nicholas Headlam past Clerk to the Parish Council.

a) Ward Councillor’s report: Ward Cllr Barry Durkin’s monthly reports are published on the Parish website at www.bramptonabbottsfoypc.co.uk/ward-councillors-monthly-report/

b) Views of Local Residents

• Increased traffic at Open Gardens day had highlighted the danger of vehicle accidents at the junction of Turners Lane with Church Lane due to incorrect road paint markings making rights of way unclear.
• Footpath BA26 had been found to be unpassable.

6) BACRG – It was reported that there had been an open evening to provide Parishioners with opportunity to receive information on progress prior to work commencing. Cllr Teague stated that a letter had been sent to Church Commissioners on behalf of a number of Parishioners. Agreed to invite Sam Hine to the next meeting.

7) Village Hall – Cllr Lewis provided an update on repairs to the hall. The Parish Council will review a business plan if required to assist in funding.

8) Planning

a) Current planning applications:

Cllr Scudamore left the room

i) 182190 Mallards Barn, Netherton – proposed 2 storey extension to an existing dwelling to form a ‘granny annex’ to accommodate an elderly relative and a full time carer. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to return no objection and no comment to this application.

Cllr Scudamore returned to the room

ii) 182434 7 Brick End Cottages, Foy – demolition of single storey outhouse, construction of 2 storey rear extension & dormer window. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously to object to the application with the following comments:

• The proposal is overbearing, and the proposed extensions are large and out of scale with the adjacent dwellings.
• There are two sets of semi-detached houses in this location providing a balance and scale which will cause the design and appearance to be imbalanced. Situated in an AONB with clear views to and from the Foy footbridge the poor visual impact will be highly visible.
• The Council noted that it would appear works have already commenced and object strongly to this presumption of approval.

b) Applications decided

i) 181077 The Byers, Townsend Farm – 2 detached dwellings. Noted.

9) Light Pollution ¬-the Clerk reported that it had not yet been possible to find a speaker to discuss with the Council the options for action. Clerk to continue trying and also to contact the Insurance brokers for legal advice.

10) Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Teague provided an update. Questions & Comments from Open Day have been published; updated plan expected shortly; application for next tranche grant funding now open.

11) Road Defects / Highways issues

a) Road defects & highways issues for Herefordshire Council –

• see Comments from public.
• Verge cutting at Gatsford crossroads not being cut to full length of fencing to ensure visibility. Land owner to be contacted with a reminder of undertaking to keep crops back from this stretch.
• Trees on Ledbury side of Gatsford crossroads lowering and obscuring view.
• Hedge at Oak House now overgrown and obscuring visibility
• Concern at the increasing number of large rally’s, rides, runs and walks taking place and using the single-track roads particularly at Hole-in-the-Wall and Hill of Eaton. Clerk to contact the Police to seek their policy on controlling such groups.

b) Working Group on action on speeding – It was reported that results of traffic survey by HCC are awaited. Negotiation on prices has resulted in a package price of £3,055 (+VAT) for 3 Village Gates, and £1500 for fitting. Funding being investigated through sponsors &/or grant funding as part of a package of community improvement. Foy East & West to be contacted for views on Village Gate scheme also.

12) Lengthsman:

a) Work undertaken & work required – It was RESOLVED Mr Griffiths undertake general maintenance work in August for autumn road preparation
b) Lengthsmans Contract – Matter to be brought forward to next meeting.

13) Footpaths:

a) It was noted that Brenda Pomfret had resigned as Footpaths Officer for Foy. A new volunteer is sought.
b) Cllr Sherahilo provided a list of items requiring attention. Other Councillors were asked to advise in a similar manner to the Clerk for onward action by Lengthsman.

14) Risk Schedule – bought forward to next meeting

15) Finance

a) Bank balance of 16/7/18 was noted at £12,263.86 and receipts/expenditure for year to date were noted.
b) To note budget progress to date was circulated with no exceptional items
c) It was RESOLVED unanimously to approve: Ross Town Council, Hire of room 24 July -15.00; Terry Griffiths Contracts, P3 Work £410.40; Herefordshire Council, Overpayment refund – £1,272.00; Quasar Video (P Pember), Internal audit – £60.00; Elizabeth Malcolm, Parish Clerk 2months salary & expenses – £465.04; HMRC £19.80.

16) Parish Phone Box – Cllr Sherahilo provided a summary of financial position and it was RESOLVED unanimously to purchase a locked cabinet and defibrillator with training to be held at How Caple Church hall.

17) Correspondence – None

18) Meeting Dates:

a) Next meeting Ordinary Parish Meeting – 25th September at 730pm and 27th November 2018
b) Reserved dates for extraordinary meetings if required 28th August; 23rd October.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:50