Minutes 27th February 2018

Minutes of a meeting of the Council
On Tuesday 27th February 2018
At Brampton Abbotts Village Hall at 19:30

Present: Chairman Cllr R Lewis; Cllr O Marshall; Cllr P Plumley; Vice Chairman Cllr D Teague; Cllr G Watts
In attendance: Ward Cllr B Durkin; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm; 10 Parishioners.

1) Apologies for absence: Cllr C Gething-Lewis; Cllr I Pebody; Cllr J Scudamore; Cllr J Sherahilo

2) Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: None

3) Co-option of new Council member –Cllr Lewis proposed and Cllr Marshall seconded the co-option of Eira Evans to the Council & it was RESOLVED unanimously in support.

4) Minutes of meetings: It was RESOLVED unanimously to agree and sign the minutes of 28th November 2017 and 23rd January 2018 as a true and accurate record of the meetings.

5) Open Session.

a) Ward Councillor’s report: Cllr Barry Durkin provided an update and Parishioners may read his monthly report on the website. Cllr Durkin read out a complaint made against him by a Parishioner to the local Member of Parliament. He stated that the remarks complained against were to clarify the process of Traffic Regulation Orders, which may be applied for via Balfour Beatty or directly at cost to Parish Council, but application does not guarantee the desired outcome and may take many months.
The Chairman thanked Cllr Durkin for his support and hard work on behalf of the Parish which was unanimously supported by the Parish Council.

b) Views of Local Residents None

6) Planning

a) applications received

i. 180460 The Furrows, Overton – timber Gazebo and minor alterations to carport. RESOLVED unanimously no objection and no comments.

b) Applications going before Planning Committee – Applications 172040 is with Inspectorate for appeal and the outcome will apply to 174133. 163755 10 houses applicant was to supply additional information which is still awaited.

c) Applications decided

i) 174254 Mallard Barn, Netherton – approved. Noted

ii) 174070 The Gate House, Hole-in-the-Wall – approved. Noted.

7) Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Teague provided an update and advised that an open meeting to consult with the Parish on the next draft would be held at Brampton Abbotts Village Hall on Saturday 14th April. The draft document will be available on the Parish website shortly.

8) Road defects / Highways issues

a) Defects & issues to report: No specific issues raised. Parishioners reminded to use Potholes reporting online to bring theses to the attention of Balfour Beatty.

b) Speeding concerns on Gatsford Lane – Strong feelings were expressed at the dangerous fast driving regularly witnessed in Gatsford Lane and Ross Road. It was noted that BBL have an application for TRO to initiate 30 mph in Ross Road dating back to 2013. It was agreed to seek to widen the application to include Gatsford Lane. Agreed also to seek a meeting with Traffic Management Advisor – West Mercia Police Safer Roads Team.

c) Oak House nursery junction visibility work – the Chairman thanked Cllr Marshall and Mrs Marshall for the continued work to sightlines.

9) Lengthsman: It was noted that final budget spend priority is on grip on Gatsford Lane and Hole-in-the-Wall pipe. No change identified for annual maintenance plan.

10) Footpaths:

a) Work by lengthsman – BA10 at top to Gatsford Lane to be monitored for flooding and cutting back.

b) PROW maintenance – A schedule of work for Foy has been received from FPO.

11) Finance

a) Bank Balance and Receipts & Expenditure and budget progress ‘17/18 – schedules were circulated and noted

b) Payments from January ‘18: It was RESOLVED to pay Elizabeth Malcolm, Salary & Expenses £389.50; Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman £458.40;

c) Payments February ’18: It was RESOLVED to pay ICO £35.00 Elizabeth Malcolm Clerk Salary & Expenses (Jan/Feb) £239.71

d) Additional bank signatories: It was RESOLVED unanimously to appoint Cllr Marshall and Cllr Scudamore as signatories to the bank account.

12) Parish Phone Box it was noted that further donations have been received towards the purchase of defibrillator and an application will be made to British Heart Foundation fund for a grant.

13) Correspondence – Information on Litter Pledge was circulated and agreed to support.

14) Meeting Dates:

a) Next Ordinary Parish Council meeting 27h March 2018

b) Dates for 2018 noted as: 22nd May 2018 (NB preceded by Annual Parish Meeting at 07.00pm), 24th July 2018, 25th September 2018, 27th November 2017.

c) Reserved dates for extraordinary meetings if necessary noted as: 24th April, 26th June, 28th August, 23rd October.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:10

Signed:………………………………………………………………….. Date:………………………………………………………