Draft Children and Young people’s Plan for Herefordshire

Please tell us what you think about the draft Children and Young people’s Plan for Herefordshire

The Children and Young People’s Partnership has been preparing a new Children and Young People’s plan for Herefordshire. It is a high level plan that captures issues and priorities for all children and young people across Herefordshire. It has taken into account relevant evidence relating to children and young people, and to ensure the plan is informed by a broad range of perspectives, we have talked to many children, young people, families and professionals across Herefordshire.

We now want to share the draft plan, to make sure that it is focussing on the most important issues, and to get further input on the key actions needed to deliver change.

Local communities play a key role in children and young people’s lives and as part of this work we are keen to explore the role of Parish and Town Councils in helping to achieve some of the priorities highlighted. We would very much welcome views from your perspective.

Please follow the link below:


If you can complete your responses and submit by 30th September 2018 it will be very much appreciated.

We would also be very interested to hear about any projects or activities that have been undertaken or supported at a local level by your parish council which have involved children and young people, or that have improved locally communities with children and young people in mind.

If you would like to share any examples please email Amanda Price.

Thank you.

Amanda Price

Children’s Commissioning and Contracts Lead

Children’s Wellbeing Directorate

Herefordshire Council

Plough Lane



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