Draft Minutes



Minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting

On Tuesday 27th August 2019

At Upton Bishop Millennium Hall at 19:30


Present:  Cllrs R Lewis (Chairman); J Scudamore; G Watts; J Sherahilo; E Evans; I Pebody and C Gething-Lewis;

In attendance 10 Parishioners and Jennifer Eva, Parish Clerk.

  1. Apologies for absence: Cllrs D Teague (Vice Chairman), O Marshall and Ward Cllr B Durkin.
  2. Declarations of interest and dispensation requests:
    Item 5b – Cllr Scudamore declared a non-pecuniary interest and signed the declaration book.
    Item 6 – Cllr Lewis declared a pecuniary interest and has previously signed the declaration book.
  3. Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on 23rd July 2019 – this item is deferred to the next meeting for consideration.
  4. Open Session.
    1. Views from local residents on parish matters – it was agreed to take questions at the end.
    2. Ward Cllr Durkin’s update has been circulated to members.

5. Planning

5.1 Application; 192660 – Baileys DIY, Ross Park, Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 7QJ. Proposed extension to existing retail DIY store and revised layout car parking.
As this application is on the parish border it will have a particular visual impact on the surrounding area. The Parish Council has previously submitted concerns about light pollution from this
development to the Planning Officer at Herefordshire Council.

Following a discussion, it was unanimously RESOLVED to object to this application on the grounds of light pollution and the choice of screening in the design documents.

Cllr Sherahillo will prepare the Council’s grounds for objection – these will be circulated to members for their consideration before being submitted to the Planning Officer (appendix 1).

  1. Application 192312 proposed 7 residential dwellings – it was noted that the Council’s comments were submitted to HC (appendix 2) and are available to view on the HC planning website. A member will represent the Parish Council’s views at the forthcoming planning meeting in which this application will be considered.

Cllr Scudamore took the Chair and Cllr Lewis remained in the room and refrained from comment or vote.

6. Village Hall Project – Cllr Watts and Mr Marsh met with Dave Tristram (DT) of Herefordshire Council, to discuss the Village Hall open day and business plan. DT will prepare a report, in consultation with colleagues and Lynda Wilcox of HALC, which will be presented to the Parish Council for consideration.

  1. a) Village Hall Information Open Day (22 – 24 September)
    Members considered the content of two items of correspondence, as prepared by the VH
    committee for distribution to parishioners; an information page on the PWL and a survey.

A VH Trustee was invited to give their comments – they informed members that they are currently distributing invitation leaflets to parishioners for the Open Day.

A lengthy discussion ensued on whether the questionnaire should be delivered with the information sheet or separately after the open day. Advice from HALC is that the Parish Council is responsible for public communication about the plans for a PWL and the financial details involved to residents at the earliest opportunity.


Cllr Scudamore proposed that the two documents should be delivered separately; the information page on the PWL prior to the VH Information Open Day and the survey should follow after. It was RESOLVED to accept this proposal.

Members have one week to submit any feedback on the content of both documents directly to Cllr Scudamore.

The Parish Council thanked the VH committee and those involved in producing these documents. They also thanked the VH Trustees for their work to deliver their invitations for the open day.

An email from Cllr Marshall was read out to the committee in which he asked for further information on the finances included in the VH business plan. Mr Marsh reminded members that the amended business case was accepted by the Parish Council at the last meeting.

Members were satisfied that the business case does provide the information as requested.

Cllr Lewis resumed Chair of the meeting.

7. Neighbourhood Development Plan
Cllr Lewis confirmed that the plan is available to view on the Parish Council website. Michael Wellock, NDP Consultant, has examined the plan and will confirm the exact housing figures with Herefordshire Council and report back to the Parish Council.

A member of the public asked for clarification on the process going forwards from Reg. 14. which was addressed by Councillors.


The members of the public left the meeting at 9pm.

8)  Finance

  1.  a) It was RESOLVED to approve the following payment; Upton Bishop Millennium Hall – hall hire
    at £20.00.
     b) Adoption of NALC Financial Regulations – it was agreed to defer this to the next meeting.
  2. c) Outsourcing of the Clerk’s monthly salary at £13.08pm – it was RESOLVED to employ Autela
    Payroll Services.
    d) Bank correspondence – it was noted that future correspondence will be sent to the Clerk.


9)  Correspondence – members noted that correspondence has been circulated.



10) Meeting Dates

  1. a) Next ordinary meeting date TBC.
  2. b) Reserve date for extraordinary meeting if necessary, on, 29th

The Clerk left the meeting for the following item to be discussed in closed session.

11) Closed session
Appointment of new Clerk and salary.


      The clerk returned to the meeting.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:13.



Signed: ……………………………………………………… Date: ………………………………………………………




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting

On Tuesday 23rd July 2019

At Upton Bishop Millennium Hall at 19:30


Present:  Cllr R Lewis, Chairman; Cllr D Teague Vice Chairman; Cllr E Evans; Cllr C Gething-Lewis Cllr J Sherahilo; Cllr G Watts; Cllr J Scudamore; Cllr I Pebody


In attendance Ward Cllr B Durkin arrived at 20.00; 14 Parishioners; Parish Clerk Elizabeth Malcolm.

  • Apologies for absence: Cllr O Marshall;
  • Declarations of interest and dispensation requests: Cllr Lewis declared an interest in item 7 and Cllr Scudamore a non-pecuniary interest in item 6 a i. Each signed the declaration book.
  • Co-option of Council Members – None
  • Minutes of Annual Paris Meeting of 21st May and Extraordinary meeting of 24th June 2019- It was RESOLVED unanimously to agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting

Items 5 a and 6 were taken after item 7

  • Open Session.
    1. Ward Cllr Durkin provided an update.
    2. BACRG – no update available. The PC website shows latest reports.
    3. View of local residents – a question was asked when new yellow lines might be expected at the Oak House junction and the roads project team reported that no dates had been supplied.

Cllr Scudamore remained in the room and refrained from comment or vote.

  • Planning –current applications
    1. Current Planning applications
      1. 192312 Land South of Church Road – proposed 7 no. residential dwellings, with garages/carports and associated works.

Following discussion of the application it was RESOLVED by majority (1 abstention, 7 against) to object to the application.

Comments as set out in Appendix to these minutes.


Cllr Lewis remained in the room and refrained from comment or vote.  Cllr Teague took the Chair.

  • Village Hall Project – Mr Graham Marsh provided un update on meetings and advised that it is intended to hold open village meeting(s) over 22nd to 24th He confirmed that questions raised by Councillors and others had been addressed in a revised Business Plan now published on the website and the Clerk was asked to circulate to PC members.   Following discussion, it was RESOLVED unanimously that a one-sheet flyer be prepared by PC to advise of the event and background to the need.  This to be approved at an extra meeting on 27th August 2019.  It was noted that the PC must adopt Financial Standing Orders at the earliest opportunity.


Cllr Lewis resumed Chair of the meeting


  • Road defects/ Highways issues
    1. Road defects / highways issues – None
    2. Report from working group on speeding – Cllr Scudamore reported that ADL on behalf of HCC had proposed 30mph limit be introduced on Church Road and Ross Road to Oak House junction.  This has been accepted but the group pressed the need for 30mph in Gatsford Lane also.
  • Lengthsman – Cllr Pebody asked that clearance of the ditch by Foy bridge be added of lists for work.
  • Footpaths: PFO Cllr Sherahilo presented a schedule of paths and current status which is being drawn up to monitor each route. The Councillors thanked him for his work on this.
  • Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Teague reported further delays in obtaining housing figures from Herefordshire Council. Preparation of SEA by HCC requested and other work by Kirkwells to ensure swift action once figures in hand.
  • Code of Conduct – It was RESOLVED unanimously to adopt the Herefordshire Council Code dated 25 May 2018.
  • Finance
    1. The bank balance of £13,091 at 30th June was noted together with receipts & expenditure for 2019/20 to date.
    2. Budget Progress was reviewed at 17/7/19.
    3. It was RESOLVED unanimously to approve the following payments: Upton Bishop Millennium Hall £40.00; Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerk 9 wks salary and expenses £477.04; St Peter’s Hall, Village Hall hire 9/4/19 £15; Terry Griffiths Contracts, Lengthsman P3 work £390.00 (noted as incorrectly stated as £350 on agenda)
    4. Childcare and dependent carers allowance – it was RESOLVED no claims would be made for this.
  • Correspondence – It was noted the Clerk had written to the owner of Hill of Eaton barn to ask if cladding stated in application would be applied.
  • Meeting Dates:
    1. Ordinary Parish Council meeting dates for 2019 –24th September, 26th November.
    2. Councillors noted that a meeting will take place on 27th August (item 7) and are asked to hold the following dates available for Extraordinary meetings if required, 22nd October.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:50




Signed:………………………………………………………………….. Date:………………………………………………………