Council Business

The villages of
Brampton Abbotts & Foy
Annual Parish Meeting
On Tuesday 21st May at 2019
At Upton Bishop Millennium Hall



Agenda PDF

1. Present
2. To accept apologies for absence
3. To agree and sign the minutes of the Annual Group Parish Meeting 22nd May 2018
4. To receive Chairman’s annual report
5. To receive Ward Cllrs annual report
6. To receive information on the BACRG project from Sam Hine
7. To note matters raised by parishioners of Brampton Abbotts & Foy

Robert Lewis
Brampton Abbotts & Foy Group Parish Council

Date: 14/05/2019

Brampton Abbotts & Foy Group Parish Council

Parish Councillors are summoned to attend
The Annual Parish Council Meeting
On Tuesday 21st May 2019 at 7:30pm in
Upton Bishop Millennium Hall


Agenda PDF

1. To Elect Chairman
2. To Elect Vice Chairman
3. To receive Declarations of Acceptance
4. Apologies for absence
5. Declarations of Interest – To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items
6. Council Members To co-opt members to fill current vacancies
7. Council Appointments – to consider appointment of other officers as necessary.
8. To agree & sign the minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting on 23rdth April 2019.
9. Open Session To receive views of local residents on parish matters
10. Planning – to receive updates on current applications

a. Current Planning applications

i. 191046 – Kfc Restaurant, Ross Spur Service Area (Northbound), Ross-On-Wye – Proposed alterations to existing building and extension to front of building. Existing shop front frames to be re sprayed concrete grey, new powder coated aluminium door, new fascia boards, horizontal timber cladding and new/replacement signage
ii. 191047 – Kfc Restaurant, Ross Spur Service Area (Northbound), Ross-On-Wye – 3x New fascia boards 1x new 700mm high red KFC letters 1x new 700mm high white KFC letters 1x Neon chicken graphic in window 1x Hello Ross On Wye neon graphic 1x chicken vinyl 1x Colonel bucket above door.

b. Applications decided:

i. 190790 Tamerisk 3 The Grove Brampton Abbotts Proposed extensions and alterations – Approved.

c. Application not complying with permission: 173447 Hill of Eaton Barn

11. Village Hall Project – to consider information received from Land Registry and HALC and determine next steps and consultation.
12. Neighbourhood Development Plan. To receive a report on progress and approve draft for submission to Herefordshire Council.
13. Road defects / Highways issues

a. To consider road defects/highways issues to be reported to Herefordshire Council
b. To consider report from Working Group on action on speeding on Ross Road and Gatsford Lane.
c. To receive an update on parking restrictions at junction Ross Road & Church Road.

14. Lengthsman

a. To consider work undertaken and work required.
b. to agree and sign BBL Partnership Scheme contract for 2019/20
c. To consider Lengthsman’s contract.

15. Footpaths – to consider work covered by Lengthsman and consider work to be undertaken.
16. Code of Conduct – to consider adoption of the Herefordshire Council form of code.
17. Risk Schedule – to consider and adopt a risk schedule.

18. Finance

a. To note bank balance, with receipts/expenditure for 19/20 to date
b. To consider invoices for payment: Upton Bishop Millennium Hall £51.00; Elizabeth Malcolm, Clerk 9 wks salary and expenses £445.92; HMRC tax £40.00

19. Annual 2018/2019 Audit

a. To confirm the accounts meet the criteria and wish to be exempt from limited assurance review by signing the Certificate of Exemption
b. Annual Governance review

i. To consider the findings of the annual governance review
ii. To approve the Annual Governance Statement

c. Accounting Statements

i. To consider the statements
ii. To approve the statements.

20. Parish Clerk

a. to note the resignation of Elizabeth Malcolm as Parish Clerk with effect from 31st July 2019.
b. To consider the terms for services of HALC in appointing a new Clerk.

21. Correspondence To note correspondence received since last meeting
22. Meeting Dates:

a. To note reserved date for Parish Council extraordinary meeting 26th June 2018
b. To note confirmed ordinary Parish Council meetings: 24th July 2018, 25th September 2018, 27th November 2018.
c. To note that reservation is made with Village Hall for Extra meetings if necessary on, 28th August, 23rd October.

Elizabeth Malcolm
Date 15/05/2018